HTC U23 Pro Review 2023

HTC U23 Pro Review 2023 - No, your eyes haven't got all wonky clutched here in my mitts. I have a fresh new smartphone from Htc starting from 499 quids. In the Uk, the Htc U23 Pro is a mid-range mobile taken on the Pixel 7A and Samsung's Galaxy A54. Very stiff competition indeed, but this Htc bore some features that most Rivals have killed off, like a headphone jack and expandable storage. 

Got some pretty awesome extras like wireless battery charging and a 108 Meg rear camera wrapped in a water-resistant frame. Sounds pretty Lush, but is it? Well? Let's whip the Htc U23 Pro out of the box.

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What's in the box?

Well, as an Htc U23 Pro, a USB cable stubby Sim PIN, and that's it. No adapter, no protective condom case. 

HTC U23 Pro Review 2023

HTC U23 Pro Design

So there's nothing remarkable or doubt about the Htc U23 Pro. As far as the design goes, it's a big in. At 6.7 inches, we, as a squirrel's scrotum, over 200 grams. That's standard for 2023. You have decidedly chunky bezels surrounding that display as well, added on a bit of girth, especially down below, quite a fat lip, and don't expect any premium materials here. It is a plastic frame and a plucky back as well.

The U23 Pro is the black coffee model, which reminds me I've only had one pot so far this morning to stick another on before I face-plant the desk. And again, it's a clever but pretty straightforward design. A wee bit of Htc logo action and a rather sizeable camera chassis that, thankfully, doesn't get too far from that ass end. 

Up top, you also have that elusive headphone jack, which has become increasingly rare in 2023. It may be a Plucky back, but at least Gorilla Glass Victus protects that display, so it won't crack if you drop it face-down on the concrete. However, it tends to scratch up a wheel bet, and a screen protector needs to be installed here on the U23 Pros. You might want to slap your own on to keep it in good Nick, and this phone is also Ip67 water and dust resistant. You can drop it in a sink of bubbly bath, and it won't bulk up.

So now let's have a Shifty at the software, and it is a gloriously stock Android Vibe here on the U23 Pro: a Bit of Android 13, of course, as you would expect, so no heavy launcher sat on top of Android.

HTC U23 Pro Software & features

Everything looks and feels similar to those pixel phones. It is bare-bones, though, so, for instance, you can change the wallpaper concept and the Ui colour based on the wallpaper colours. The home settings are limited to these options here, and also, don't expect much software support from Htc in the long term. You probably get a couple of years worth of security updates, but you won't get that guarantee of years and years of Os and security support that you will do from Google and Samsung OnePlus.

Lots of big rivals. What I am enjoying here on the Htc U23 Pro is a complete lack of crapware, Linkedin, Facebook, or booking. Blood Ecom. None of that bollocks. Htc has only chucked on a few of its own Viv apps. This blower does support Hdc's Vive Xr Elite Virtual Goggly Jobbies, which is a big rival to the Metaquest Pro. I did bang on about them a few months back in a video, so I will avoid repeating myself here. Check that out if you want to know more and unlock the U23 Pro.

You've got an edge-mounted fingerprint sensor, which seems quite responsive and reliable, and if your fingers are a bit Mucky, you have a face unlock option, which is behaving itself right now. But if the lightning could be more precisely particularly significant, you will undoubtedly struggle with this.

And as you see, it's been pretty freaking generous regarding the storage. Two hundred fifty-six gigs stuffed on this thing. And not only that but if you jab a pin in its bottom and pull out that Sim tray, you'll see you've got Spears for a pair of Sims. Otherwise, that second Sim slot can stick in a Micro Sd memory card just in case. Two hundred fifty-six gigs are enough. So now let's have a squint at that Almighty 6.7-inch display.

HTC U23 Pro Display & audio

And like most Rivals, at this mid-range price. It is a bit of Oled Tech, so you can expect warm, vibrant, Vivid colours when you're kicking back with some animated fare. For instance, blacks are black, not just very dark grey. You've got excellent, clean whites as well, but sadly, no Hdr streaming capabilities reported by Netflix, so it doesn't look like there's any Hdr 10 or Dolby Vision support. Still, it's a suitably eye-pleasing experience when you are kicking back with some Netflix, Youtube, Disney Plus, or whatever you fancy.

 Full Hd Plus resolution keeps those visuals nice and crisp, making this screen bright. So when using Outdoors, you won't have to squint too much to see what's going on. And you've got support for 120 Hertz refresh, which is enabled by default.

As you can see, they're not Ltp or taking only steps between 120, 90 and 60 Hertz, and you've also got a somewhat respectable stereo speaker setup. Let's check it out: the Pixel 7 or two of my favourite flagships right now, even if they're not precisely the beefiest blowers in town. So I'm already gasping for some Pixel 8 action to see exactly how Google will pimp this.

Pretty pimped-out pocket pleaser. So yes, it is that bottom speaker staffing out most of the audio reasonably standard at this level, and the audio is quite a titty when you do Boost that volume up. But it's also appropriately loud, so there are no issues if your environment is a little bit noisy. And then, as well as that Bluetooth 5.2 streaming support, you do have that headphone jack, so it's great to have that comprehensive option, and the wireless streaming seems fine as well. Don't expect any customization here, though, nor equalizer action. There's no Dolby Atmos support or anything. It is bare bonds now. Performance is provided by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 7.

HTC U23 Pro Performance & gaming

Gen 1 chipset has also recently been stuffed inside Motorola's fresh new Rays of 40 and the Xiaomi 13 Light. It's a shame that Htc didn't go with a new, more powerful chipset like the Snapdragon 7 plus Gen 2 that was packed inside of that Poco F5 that I reviewed recently. But you do at least get 12 gigs of Ram to keep things moving along smoothly, and I found that the U23 Pro happily handled an excellent bit of Gammon, including Gentian's impact on the higher detail settings. That frame rate was only sometimes relatively smooth and stable, as I would have liked. Still, overall it copped pretty well, even when I was having Seven Bells smacked out of me from every possible Direction by about a dozen gribbles. This Htc blower didn't soil itself, and this phone didn't heat up too badly either, despite the fact that I was game and for a good while. However, don't expect any dedicated gaming tools or menus or anything.

This is once again a bare bond experience battery, and you've got a 4 600-milliamp hour capacity cell crammed inside that black frame.

HTC U23 Pro Battery

So far, the battery drain is consistent. You should get the entire five or six hours of screen on time before this thing eyes.

Helped Along by the fact that it's a pretty energy-efficient platform. Got no heavy, clunky launchers sitting on there; just sapping the power. And when you do need to juice it back up again, the U23 Pro does support 30-watt wired charging. Not the nippiest round, but comparable to those pixels and something we're starting to see more from mid-range mobiles. You've got wireless charging support on here as well. At 15 watts, it's good to have that flexibility, especially if you've got small watches, wireless earbuds, and all kinds of crap to charge up every night and spend half an hour banging cables into stuff.

HTC U23 Pro  Camera

And last up is the camera Tech and the Htc U23 Pro Rocks!

A 108-megapixel primary shooter with Optical image stabilization. And on top of that, you've also got an 8-megapixel Ultra wide-angle shooter, a 5-megapixel macro Snapper, and a primary 2-megapixel depth sensor, as you can see a bit of an action-packed app here.

Lots of different camera mods you can peddle about with. In your regular auto mode, you get a bit of nine in one-pixel bins. You get 12 megapixels for photos by default, but there is a dedicated 108-megapixel mode if you want to take some high-res photos. Quite good. If you want to crop in without losing too much detail, go the usual portrait mode Shenanigans and everything, and there is a dedicated Pro mode as well if you want to mess around with likes of the Iso levels, the white Balance, get a particular kind of shot for these here.

Test folders: I did stick with the Auto mod, which most people will do, and I got lovely, natural-looking snaps. Quite vibrant colours when shooting a vivid subject, though Focus did struggle at times, especially with moving subjects. You'll want to keep an eye on that. Take a few photos if those turns suddenly look much drabber when you move into more ambient, softer light.

You can also capture video at up to 4K resolution if you tap a page or cycle between 1080P and 720p and that Ultra Hd option, and this does the job for your simple, shareable horror movies. The footage looks good when you Chuck it up on a big Tv, and the audio pickup is also excellent. Even when things get a bit Breezy and last up around the front, you have a 32-megapixel selfie shooter. Again, nothing remarkable, but it'll do the job if you want a Slappy picture of your gun and grinning mug up on Facebook. No 4K option with that front facing the shooter. It does top off at full Hd resolution, but the audio pickup is fine again. And, if the camera is a priority for you, check out Google's Pixel 7 here instead. The processing smarts are insane on that thing. You can capture nice-looking photos at any time of day.

So anyway, that is the fresh new Htc U23 Pro. It packed some pretty impressive features, including the headphone jack and expandable storage stuff you don't generally find at this price point. Still, overall it does feel like quite a Bare Bones experience as far as the software goes.


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