iPhone 15 Pro Max Release Date and Price

iPhone 15 Pro Max - It looks like the 8K video recording is finally coming to the Iphone 15 Pro Max this year and possibly the Iphone 15 Pro 2. With this latest report, let's go over all the details and I'll be sharing with you the latest on the Iphone 15 Pro Max release date and price.

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So as we're coming towards the summer, lots of rumors, lots of leaks of features are coming in quickly. So going forward, I'll be making videos dedicated for the Iphone 15 Pro and the Iphone 15 Pro Max, and also the possible Iphone 15 Ultra. Then there will be more videos too for the Iphone 15 and the Iphone 15 plus, but we also know that some of these features will be in all four of the models. but today we'll only be focusing on the Iphone 15 Pro and also the Iphone 15 Pro Max reports that have recently come in.

One area that Apple are behind is Nvidia recording and the ability to record in 8k video. Many other Android devices out there like Samsung since 2019 with the Galaxy S10 models could do this. I probably reluctant to allow 8K video recording on any of their devices, but it does seem that the Iphone 15 Pro Max is going to be getting at least 8K video recording this year.

 The reporters come in from leaks Apple Pro and set the top entry Iphone this year will be getting 8K video recording and it's possible that the Iphone 15 Pro may have this too. As mentioned, having 8K video will bring the iPhone up to other competitors out there with their recording abilities and this is something that we've been wanting for a long time, especially for creators out there who definitely use their iPhone and having this ability would be really helpful.

Thank you Now before I continue on, now is a good time more than ever to mention that all reports are leagues that you are seeing here are not 100 proof that they'll be coming with the new iPhone. I can only present to you of what reports or information out there and renders on based on the information as you can see here of everything that we've been told so far so the final iPhone may not look like this. However, if you've been watching this video then you are as curious. I'm in knowing what is being about said the next iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Release Date and Price

iPhone 15 Pro Max Release Date

iPhone 15 Pro Max released in September 2023( expect).

Anyway, so with the latest report out of the way, let's do the release date, prediction, specs, and prices. Next of all, so nothing official has come out on the release date, but we do have a very good idea of when the iPhone 15 will be coming out based on the last six years of history of iPhone releases. if we go way back to 2018. we saw the release of the Iphone 10s and also we saw the release of the Iphone Phone 10r. 

The 10s came out on September 21st, but the 10r came out on October 26th and then moving to the iPhone 12 models. the release dates for this was October the 23rd and November 13th, and the main reason behind this was definitely because of Covid in 2020. But as you can see here with these two years of examples, you can see that mainly the release date has been the end of September to the end of October time, with a main exception of 2020. Like I said because of Covid.

However, back in 2021, we got the iPhones back on their main sort of schedule, and the release was the end of September with all four models of the iPhone on September 24th, then last year in 2022, the iPhone event happened on September 7th, and that the pre-orders started a few days later on Friday, September 9th, and then some of the iPhone 14 models were in our hand a week later on October 16th, all the way to October, October 7th for 2022. 

The event for the iPhones happened a little bit earlier than the last few years, but it's not unheard of. So for example, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus were also came out on the same day where the announcement was the same day what was September 7th back in 2016.. But I think you get any overall message here for the iPhone 15. it's targeted to come out around mid-september this year for the release, and probably the actual event will happen about a week or so before unless there is a massive problem with components or let's say another pandemic happens for example.

So next of all, let's do a summary of everything we know so far, including the prices for the iPhone 15 Pro and the Iphone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Price, Specs & Models

So starting out, let's look at the Iphone 15 Pro again. it'll be a 6.1 Oled display resolution 2532 by 1170. It will also have that 120 Hertz Pro Motion display inside it. and this time, for the first time ever, we'll have 8 gigabytes of RAM inside an iPhone.

Storage options. Looks like they're going to change slightly, so we'll actually be starting at 256 gigabytes as the smallest space available that you can pick, and this will be going all the way up to two terabytes this time. That's what we've been hearing in some rumors, but it might still stay at one terabyte. We're not too sure at this stage, but the other thing as well is we will be getting an A17 Bionic chipset inside it Again, Very similar architect to previous chipsets where this will have a full efficiency cores, two performance cores, and a five core Gpu, but the actual body of the Iphone 15 Pro actually be made out of titanium. This time it won't be made out of aluminum, medium, or aluminum depending where you are in the world, and you'll also have a triple camera setup and also have that lidar sensor.

Again, the battery size at the moment is looking to be about the same size as the Iphone 14 Pro, so this is 3095 milliamp battery size and the base model of the 256 gigabyte model will be coming in at 1099 US Dollars. And again I will mention that in other countries it might be a little bit more or a little bit less on release.

Then finally we have the biggest iPhone off them all, the Iphone 15 Pro Max or the Iphone 15 Ultra. The name is going to be confirmed a bit more nearer the time, but it will be coming in at 6.78 inch display. It'll be an Oled display at 2778 by 1280. Again, this will be a Pro Motion Display 120 Hertz one. It will again have eight gigabytes of RAM, up or from two gigabytes, More of the six gigabytes that we got with the Iphone 14 Pro Max and storage options again starts at 256 gigabytes, this time going all the way up to the room of two terabytes. What's really exciting out there, but it may also still be one terabyte. But main thing is what's most likely going to happen is the storage light is going to be up to 256 gigabytes. We will also be getting the A17 Bionic Chipset very similar architect to the A16. It'll have four efficiency cores, two performance cores, and they'll also have a 5 Core Gpu again, so that's really, really cool.

We'll also get that new titanium body on this Iphone 15 Pro Max on the Iphone 15 Ultra. and we'll also get a triple camera setup, but one of those cameras will have a six times or a 10 times optical zoom. What's really really exciting. We will also still get the usual wide and Ultra wide sort of sensors too, and we'll also be getting the lidar sensor.

The battery size At the moment we've been told it's probably going to be around the same sort of size as last year's so this is 4 352 milliamp battery size, but this could change nearer the time the base model of the 256 gigabyte model will be coming in at 1299 US Dollars. Now this is going to be a little bit more than compared to other previous years. Main reason is because of that brand new optical zoom and also possibly because of that brand new Ultra name. But like I have said guys, this is the pricing for the Us. In other countries it could be a little bit more or it could be a little bit less.

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