Macbook Air 15-Inch 2023

Macbook Air 15-Inch 2023 -  Hi, everyone! MD BELAL here for Bloggeratoz, and this is the all-new 15-inch Macbook Air, The 2023 Macbook Air we've been waiting for for a very long time, so I thought we'd unbox it. We'll look at it, set it up, and see what it's all about.

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Macbook Air 15-Inch 2023

Macbook Air 15 Price and Color Options

Now this comes in at 1299$ and goes up to 2499$. This is the midnight colour, but it's available in Starlight Space, grey, and silver.

You only have one Cpu option in M2 with an 8-core Cpu and 10-core Gpu, but you do have some options for Ram if we flip this over; you can see here.

Macbook Air 15 Specs

If we zoom in, you can see it says Macbook Air 15 inch, and this has 24 gigs of Ram and two terabytes of storage, so it's fully loaded. You can also pick from a 35-watt charger or a 70-watt charger. Let's go ahead and unbox it and open it up, so we'll take these pull tabs and pull these.

Macbook Air 15 Unboxing

No more plastic wrap around it. We'll take the other one off as well, and let's flip it over and see what we've got inside. So let's go ahead and take the top of the box off. Here There we go. We'll set that aside, and we have the Macbook itself, so it's pretty big, and I'll compare it to the 13-inch as well. Let's set that aside for a moment and see what we've got in the box. 

So we've got a cable here, and it's a colour-matched Usbc to Magsafe cable, so it's in Midnight, which is always really lovely, although the end of this is white. And let's put this back here, and let's see what we've got as far as paperwork. 

So here's the paperwork that comes with it. See what we've got in here? That's everything. So it says Macbook Air. It's a quick start guide that we've got. We've got Macbook Air, and we've got some colour-match stickers. So we've got some midnight colour stickers that come with it, which is always lovely.

Aside from that, I opted for the larger charger since I want it to charge faster, which should be a 70-watt charger. So let's open it up here and see what we've got, and you can see here as we spin this around. There we go. It says 70-watt USB charger or USB charger with USB in the back. Of course, you can change the end if you travel or something else. 

So let me place this back in the package, and we'll look closer at the Macbook itself. So let's grab this. Take the box; we'll move that out of the way. There we go. Slide that over here, and let's look at the Macbook itself. So here's the Macbook, and you can see it. Let's go ahead and unwrap it like this. There we go. We should be able to slide this out quickly, which is a good size now.

Macbook Air 15 Design Overview

It has some adhesive here, something that's left over, but Midnight looks excellent, but it is a fingerprint magnet. Let's spin it over; you can see it's already got some marks from that.

Macbook Air 15 Weight

Now this is 3.3 pounds or 1.51 kilograms. It's not too much heavier than the 13-inch. Let's compare it in size, then discuss the display and more.

Here is my 13-inch Macbook Air; to put this side by side, you can see the difference here. Overall thickness. It's very similar but different regarding consistency; in general, it's a nice size if you like a larger laptop. It's smaller than 16 inches but more significant than 14 or 13 inches. So it's great. As far as the size and as far as the weight, it feels pretty much the same. It is heavier, but it doesn't feel much different.

Now let's spin this around. We'll go ahead and open it up here. It boots up the second you open it up. Let me zoom out so you can see it's starting up, and as you can see, it's a 15.3-inch Liquid Retina Display 2880 by 1864 pixels.

Macbook Air 15 Display

It goes up to 500 nits of brightness and has wide colour P3 and authentic tone. Now one thing that sets this apart from the 13-inch is that the speaker design is slightly different. So we have no speaker grilles on the side of the keyboard, which is odd. But we do have a new six-speaker sound system with Force cancelling woofers. It supports spatial audio, and it has a three-mic array as well. So that's a little bit different.

Now, this does feel like it might Flex a little bit as the frame is made of aluminium, and it feels like it's flexing. Let's go around the outside, so we'll close this. We'll set it up in a moment, and as we go around the outside, we have our MagSafe connector. We've got two Thunderbolt ports. Now these are Thunderbolt 3 or Usb4 ports. It supports one 6K display at 60 hertz. On this side, we have a 3.5-millimetre headphone jack on the right side and the front. We have a cutout to open it up a bit, and nothing is around the outside. We have the four feet on the bottom with some screws in each corner and nothing more. So let's go ahead and get this set up now.

Macbook Air 15 Battery

Internally, we have a bigger battery, but no different battery life as far as this goes. A 66.5-watt hour battery. Apple says it's good for 18 hours of Apple Tv movie Playback and 15 hours of Safari—the same battery life as the 13-inch.

Macbook Air 15 Wireless

It also has Wi-fi 6, not 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3

We also have a 1080p FaceTime camera, so we'll go through and get this set up. I'll select the United States. You can use accessibility if you'd like.

Macbook Air 15 Setup

We'll go ahead and hit not now. Then we'll set up our Wi-fi. Then it says a software update is available for this Mac. This Mac will be updated to Mac Os 13.4. Let's update later to check out what version it's installed with. Now it wants us to go through data and privacy. We'll click continue. Then we can migrate from another Mac or a Windows Pc. I'll say not now. And now we put in our Apple Id. So I'll set this up later so we can get to the main menu quickly. 

We'll skip it, and then we have to agree to the terms and conditions, so we'll hit agree. We'll hit agree again, and then we can enter the computer's name. I put in my Macbook Air 15 and put in my password. We'll click continue here, and it will create the account. I'll set it up later with my own Apple Id and more to get to the main screen. I thought we'd do it this way. Now it's asking if I want to use location services. I can enable those and click continue. And then, if I want to share analytics with Apple, I can do that. Otherwise, click continue.

It's asking if I want to set up screen time. I'll set that up later, and then we can enable it.

Siri or not, we'll hit continue and choose the voice we want. I'm Siri. Choose the agent you'd like me to use, and then we'll click continue, and it can set up Siri with the word hey in front of it. I'll stop that. For now, we can share audio recordings. I'll skip that, and we'll click continue. 

And now we set up Touch Id, so we'll go ahead and do that. We place our finger here. It will set up Touch Id quickly. Here There we go. Then we'll use the sides. We'll get that done quickly. There we go. Hit continue. Then we can choose our look light mode, dark mode, or Auto. I tend to use Auto, so we'll do that. We'll click continue, and now we're at the desktop.

Now at the desktop. If we go to the Apple in the upper left, we'll go about this Mac, and as you can see, it says Mac Os Ventura 13.4

Macbook Air 15 macOS version pre-installed

But it has a build number of 22f2063. We need to update to a new build so that a new form may be ready for this. If we go to our settings, let's look at the new wallpapers included with it.

Macbook Air 15 Wallpaper

So we'll go to the wallpaper and have the new wallpaper here. So we have this lovely new blue wallpaper. We have this radial green, as they call it. So we had Radio Blue, radio green, radial purple and Radial yellow. Of course, once Mac Os Sonoma comes out, you'll have that kind of radial blue, so we'll use that, and let's exit. And so now this is a Macbook Air without a fan, and it has a very similar keyboard that we're used to.

Let's see if we can go in and record something with FaceTime or Quicktime and see what the camera looks like. The camera and mics should be good, so let's try that out. So go into QuickTime, we'll file, go to new movie Recording, and wait for it to load here.

Macbook Air 15 FaceTime HD Camera

Let's go down and make sure we're on maximum quality. You can see that here. We've got a Macbook Air microphone and are ready to go. Let's see what this looks like. This is the Hd camera from the Macbook Air, and this gives you an idea of its overall quality and the audio coming from the three-mic array. So let me know what you think sounds better.

 The MacBook Air. Or this professional mic? You may prefer the Macbook Air. It works well enough for many situations, but let me know which one you like best in the comments below. So let's go ahead and stop this. There we go. We've stopped it. We'll minimize it for now. I'll save it later, and let's see what the drive's speed is like. We'll run a Geekbench score, and let me type on it just a moment as well.

Now I've installed the update to the latest version of Mac Os Ventura. It's on 13.4 with the newest build. It's asking me to use iCloud, and I've installed a disk speed test from Blackmagic Design and Geekbench.

Macbook Air 15 Disk Speed

So let's go into the Blackmagic disk speed Test. We'll load it for the first time, and let's see what we get. So we'll hit start, and the write speed is 3001 154.4 megabytes per second. The read speed is 2943.9 megabytes per second. So they're going a bit higher, maybe a bit lower, but generally, they're 3 000 write speed, a little over that and almost 3 000 read speed quite fast overall.

Now let's go ahead and run Geekbench Six. We'll go into our downloads here, where I downloaded it. We'll open it up. We've got Geekbench open, and you can see it says

Macbook Air 15 Benchmarks

Mac Os 13.4 in the new build of 22f2073, and we have 24 gigs of Ram with the Apple M2. Let's go ahead and run a Cpu Benchmark and let's see what we get. As you can see, the benchmarks are completed, and our single-core score is 2617, and our multi-core is 9913. While it's slower than others, that's still quite good. And one thing we'd check quickly since it just finished benchmarks is to see what the overall thermals are like since this is when it gets the hottest.

Macbook Air 15 Thermal Camera

So if we bring in our thermal camera here, we can see that we're at about 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the hottest area. It's not bad at all, so it's not warm to the touch or very hot, and if we close this and look at the backside here, it's entirely room temperature. It's incredible how well it stays cool and is not a concern. So if you want to edit a 4K video or do something more intensive, it may get warmer, but in general, it stays nice and cool right after even running benchmarks. I had the same result during the models: 85 Degrees Fahrenheit with a Macbook Air.

Macbook Air 15 Keyboard

You may only be using it for heavy-duty tasks some of the time, such as editing videos or using tons of different things in Lightroom or Photoshop or Pixelmator Pro. Still, it should be able to handle those without an issue. Of course, if you're writing a paper with it, that's where the keyboard comes in, and we want to see what it's like. And this is a very similar keyboard to what we've had in previous Macbooks of the same generation. So if we press on it, there's very minimal Flex. 

There is a little bit, but it is an aluminium frame, so it's pretty good. And, of course, the keyboard throw is the same as the air we had before with the 13-inch. So pretty good. There is good feedback, maybe less than we have with the Pro Models this year, but this is generally pretty good. It shouldn't be a problem for anyone if we go into notes within notes. Let's take a listen to what this sounds like. Let me move my microphone so you can hear it.

Macbook Air 15 Speakers

That's what the keyboard sounds like, And also, you'd want to listen to the new speakers since we have a little bit different Arrangement this time around. So let's open some royalty-free music and see what it sounds like. [Music] The speakers sound good but are not as good as the Macbook Pro. The bass is somewhat muted, it's not very heavy, and also, it's not coming from any speaker grilles. It's coming from behind the keyboard. So that could be better than the pro, but it still sounds great for most people. And, of course, if you're wearing air pods or something else, it won't make a difference.

Final Thoughts

Maybe if I need to record something and I need something quickly, this will edit the video with no problem. As long as it's not 20 minutes long or 30 minutes, it could take some spare time to export as the processor could get quite warm. However, for day-to-day tasks, this is a great machine. However, at 12.99, it's a great price. But if you bump up to twenty-five hundred dollars, you fully spec it out.

Like this one, you'll want the 14-inch Macbook Pro over the Macbook Air. You could get a better screen, better speakers, better battery life, and more ports on the side and things like that, so that would be better if you're going to use it in really intense situations. But for day-to-day use, this Macbook Air is excellent. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


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