MacOS Sonoma Supported Devices Review 2023

 Hi everyone! MD BELAL here for Bloggeratoz, and Mac Os 14 or Mac Os Sonoma Beta 1 is out to developers. This particular update brings some excellent features and changes, and in this update, I will cover just those things that are not across different platforms. So an Ios 17 and Ipad Os 17, there are changes to messages and many other things.

I'm going to cover Mac Os specific updates, and as you can see with the beta, it was 5.82 gigabytes that are on the M2, Macbook Air 13-inch.

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MacOS Sonoma Size

And let's go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about what's new. So we'll go to the Apple Go to about this Mac, and we'll click on Sonoma 14, and you'll see the build number is 23A 5257q, and this update like I said, brings some nice changes.

MacOS Sonoma Build number

However, you won't be able to install this update if you're on older Macs, as they've changed some of the specs.

MacOS Sonoma Supported Devices Review 2023

MacOS Sonoma Supported Devices

So the supported devices with Mac Os Sonoma are Imac 2019 and later, Mac Pro 2019 and later Imac Pro, Mac Studio 2022 and Macbook Air 2018 and later, Mac Mini 2018 and later, and Macbook Pro 2018 and later. Anything before that will not support Mac Os 14 Sonoma

New Features, Changes and Updates

Now This particular update has some new wallpapers and screen savers. You can see this one here. This is the Sonoma screensaver or wallpaper, and if we go into our settings, we'll go down here and then go to wallpaper. You'll see some new ones, and we can switch between automatic light and dark, and you can see.

Wallpaper and Lock Screen

This is the stock one. However, the stock one could be better as we have a bunch of Landscapes, cityscapes, underwater, Earth, and things we have on Apple Tv. We also have the new Macbook 15 inch for Macbook Air, so we can switch between that, which I like this one. We have radial, green, radio, purple, yellow, and some of our older ones. If we go up here and select Grand Canyon, I've already downloaded it, and you can see it here. So if I move this out of the way, you can see this, and if I lock my screen, it animates. 

Now it's locked. If I unlock it, then it stops. So let me do that one more time. You'll see here that it still will unlock, then it animates and then stops. That's true for any of those updates here. So we have. I downloaded another one. I think Hawaii. Let's click on that. Now the resolution of this one could be better. I may need to re-download it. But let's go ahead and lock it, and you'll see it starts to move. If I use Touch Id or my password, it unlocks and comes to a stop.

This is a pleasant update. However, the lock screen reminds me a bit of Windows, so if we go back, it's an animated version of Windows. It looks very, very familiar as far as that goes now. Also, we have back and forward arrows at the top of the settings. It's a specific change, but something is welcome now.

You can do something else in Mac Os Sonoma if we bring over our widgets. You'll see what's new. We can place widgets anywhere we want.


I can grab this widget right from the widget view here, and I may want to put that one here if I go to edit widgets. I may want the weather widget here. I can grab that, place it on the desktop and put it wherever I'd like. I can snap it, but it auto-aligns here as well. I may want to put it in the middle. I can do that and go back and align it so you can place it wherever you'd like.

Use any of the widgets that are contained there within widgets. You'll see different widgets that are available on my iPhone but aren't installed on my Mac. This works through continuity, and you can see things such as car status, different apps ring, for example, or something else with shortcuts, Pinterest, or anything else you have on here. You can use those widgets, and then they'll update. Even though you don't have them installed, they'll update your Mac even though the app is not technically installed on your Mac just because you have it on your iPhone. This works seamlessly, and it's already working as you would expect. Now, another new feature has to do with FaceTime or video conferencing calls.

FaceTime and Conference Calls

So let's go into that, and as you can see, this is a FaceTime call. Now if you have a device that supports Continuity Camera in the upper right, you'll have some new options to help you better Center where you are within that camera. Also, you have different control tools for things such as portraits. You can adjust the blur in the background, the same is true with Studio Light, and there's an all-new reaction section. 

So these are reactions like you have on iMessage, so we'll click. Love, Then we can give a thumbs up. And this will probably work with gestures as well. So if I give two thumbs up, it should do that and recognize it when you're on a call and give that thumbs up sign.

We also have some party balloons here. They go in front and behind me and then also fireworks and more. So there are fireworks, a little light show, and a celebration. We even have storms, rain, clouds, and thumbs down. So you have all of this built-in if you want to use them.

There are also some conferencing modes if you're within a call that will help you overlay things over the information you're presenting. Let's see if I can get that to work by conference, calling myself, and now I'm on a FaceTime call with myself on a different phone. So let me go ahead and set this down and show you what this will look like, so we'll point it at the ceiling here.

For now, and if we click on my image here, we have some new options. So, of course, we have portrait mode, but in the upper right, if we click on the FaceTime icon, we have that and the option to share your window or your screen. So I'll share my screen, and we can now have a presenter overlay with small or large, which means I'll be in front of it. So if we click share screen and then click small, you'll see I'm in the bottom left. 

Then also, if I click large, you'll see I'm actually over the top of it here in my display sharing my screen and then if I go over to my screen here, I now have some options in the upper left that show that I'm sharing the screen. Then we can share different things easily. So if I go into the App Store, you'll see we're sharing, and then we have the option to close the window or minimize it. Enter the full-screen tile to the left to the right, move it to my nearby iPad, or remove it from the FaceTime share.

So we have all of those options built-in, making it very simple to use. Now if we go back to FaceTime here, let's go back in, and we'll turn this off with the presenter overlay, and that's just some new modes. As I said, you also have those reactions, so if I give a thumbs up, it should recognize that. It doesn't. But in future collaboration updates, it will. That could be part of beta 1 not working correctly, so that should give you an idea of how that works with that overlay and more. And if you had the content, of course, around the room, you could share that. So it's nice that they've added it. I don't know if I'll use it that much, but we have that option now.

MacOS Sonoma Safari

Now if we go into Safari, Safari gets some updates. As far as overall speed, let's go to We'll go to the max section here, and if we go to Safari and settings under settings, we have new profiles. We can set up a profile for work or home and then have it start maybe a favourite page or any one of your different, Maybe be bookmarks or a new page, an empty page, or the same page. You can have profiles for almost anything you want, and it even has extensions that are managed separately. You don't have to use these, but they're available if you want to use them.

Additionally, some updates allow you to use this as a web app. So if we want to save this web page, maybe, we can click add to Doc from our file menu, and we can name it, and now we can open it as a different experience where it's in its window, and it's specific to whatever you've saved. You can do this on any website you regularly visit if you want to do that, or you could get rid of it altogether, and it acts as a separate app.

We also have privacy updates that add to a more secure private browsing experience. So if we go to the new private window, you'll see it here. It says Safari is designed with privacy in Mind by preventing trackers by default. Now, the new experience does lock the overall web page so that you may have left the web page. It locks. It stops any trackers or anything from accessing your data. So if you want to use private browsing, that's available now.

MacOS Sonoma Gaming

Additionally, there are updates to a new game mode. Now, this is specific to Apple Silicon Max and also specific to certain apps. Some apps will now allow you to run them in a game mode that optimizes latency. So it prioritizes Mac's Cpu and Gpu and lowers the usage for background tasks to reduce that latency.

Additionally, there's a new option here. If we go into our apps, we'll go out, go over to others here; you'll see we have a new screen-sharing icon.

Screen Sharing

If we open that up, you can set up screen-sharing connections, add different hostnames, and more. So you can set that up here with an all-new icon for that. It makes it more accessible.

MacOS Sonoma Mail

There are a couple of other updates here as well. One of them has to do with mail, which is pretty simple. If you have travel-related emails, they'll be at the top of your search results as your trip dates approach, so that wasn't mentioned anywhere else by Apple. Also, you have the option for voice dictation and using the keyboard together, just like you did on Ios with Ios 16.


So we'll go into notes if you want to use voice dictation. And just like Ios 16 and now Ios 17, we can use voice dictation and type simultaneously. Let me show you this voice dictation on Mac Os Sonoma. Now I'm typing with the keyboard. Now I can continue with my voice, and that works pretty seamlessly. Very fast and quite well.


And that's everything in Mac Os Sonoma that's not included in Ios 17 or Ipad Os 17. So there are other updates here as well, with things such as messages again and different applications that I showed in the other updates. So the music changes. Notes: get some updates with Pdf and more


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