OnePlus Nord N30 5G Price in USA 2023 - Review & Specs

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Price in USA 2023 - Hi everyone! Belal here for  All Mobile Prices in the USA, and this is the Oneplus Nord N35g. This is the latest, least expensive phone from Oneplus, so we'd unbox it, set it up, look at it, and see what it offers. This comes in at a very reasonable 299 dollars and is offered in one color Chromatic Gray.

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OnePlus Nord N30 5G Price in USA 2023 - Review & Specs

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Price in USA 2023

You can see that here where it says chromatic gray on the back. It's got 128 gigs of storage and 8 gigs of RAM. Let's go ahead and open this up. We'll just cut these here. I didn't have a knife handy, so I'll use this USB drive here that I have on the edge of it. There we go, and let's go ahead and open it up so we'll unbox it here and see what we've got.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Price in USA 2023 pre-order at 299$, and it looks like depending on when you pre-order it; you may get some free headphones with it as well. So pretty good deal there. So as far as the overall paperwork in here, it says never settle, sort of a quick start guide or just a bunch of information. Then we've got a little letter that says dear friend, congratulations on your purchase, and we also have a red cable Club card. 

So a membership card as well. Let's go ahead and set that aside and take a closer look at the phone. See what we've got here. So this is the phone itself. It is more significant than I expected, so we'll look at it briefly. And then here, we have a super book charger, which can charge this phone at 50 Watts for fast charging. So it's your typical Supervoop charger, as you can see here and then. We have the typical Oneplus cable here, so like you would expect, we have Usb-a to Usbc, so nothing different there. Your typical cable.

Let me set the Box aside, we'll set the charger aside, and we'll talk about the phone itself, so we'll get this out of the way.

There we go, and this is the phone. Let's go ahead and unwrap it. There we go. Let's remove the sticker off the back here. And here's the phone itself. This is light and sounds a little plasticky, but it is an inexpensive budget phone. This is chromatic gray.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Design Overview

It's the only color available. Let's go ahead and take a look around the outside edge. So on the right-hand side, we have a power sleep wake button on the top. We have a microphone on the other side. We've got a Sim card tray and a volume up and down. Let's go ahead and pop the Sim card tray out and take a look here. There we go, see what we've got. Now this should allow for a Sim card, as you can see here, so that we can have a Sim card and expandable storage. Something we don't see very often. So up to one terabyte, you can use. As far As that goes, let's put this back in here. There we are. Then on the bottom, we have a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. Another thing we don't see very often, which I love to see. We also have a microphone, a USB port, and speakers on the back.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Display

As far as the display goes, this is a 6.72-inch display, 2400 by 1080 at 391 pixels per inch. It's a 120 Hertz panel, and 680 nits are its maximum brightness. It's also an 8-bit display, not a 10-bit display like some of the other Oneplus phones.

Internal Specs

We have a Snapdragon 695 5G chip internally, so it's not the latest top-of-the-line from Qualcomm, and again eight gigs of RAM.


Let's go ahead and see if we can get this set up. Select English. We'll select our region here. I don't see anything. There we go. We'll select the United States for where I am. Then we can agree to the user agreement. We've got some optional experiences here. I typically don't select those, and then, of course, we'll need to select our Wi-Fi after putting my password in for Wi-Fi.

The overall haptic feedback of this is okay. Nothing phenomenal, but you can feel it, at least, but it reminds me of older phones. We'll give it a second here to get the phone ready, and this has a large battery in it as well.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Camera Specs

Of course, we have two large cameras. Now one of these cameras is quite good as far as its overall specs in general. It's a 108-megapixel camera F 1.75 sensor, and we have two other sensors. So we have up to a three times optical zoom, and there's a two-megapixel camera for macro and a 2-megapixel camera for depth. So we've got Zoom built in and then, of course, our Flash here as well. Now let's go ahead and turn it on. We'll also talk about the display; give it just a moment here to boot up. There we go, help; felt some haptic feedback, and let's see what we've got.

Front Facing Camera

And let's record now we're recording from the front-facing camera of the Oneplus Nord N35g, and this gives you an idea of what it's capable of, so let me know what you think of it. There are better ones, but it goes up to 1080P and should work for most things, such as conference calls and more. That should give you an idea of what it's like regarding the overall camera there, and it's a pretty good budget phone with excellent battery life. It does have Oxygen Os 13.1, and as far as its overall size, here is an S 23 Ultra for those of you wondering.

Quick Camera Test

And I don't expect this to be an incredible camera. But as you see here, if we zoom in, let me zoom out here. We'll snap up a quick photo that gives you an idea. We'll zoom in again, and the video on this only is up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, so you don't have 4K recording. As far as video, it's a disappointment seeing how many things have that sort of resolution today, and the screen should go Fairly bright. It's less bright than some of the latest phones, but it should be pretty good overall. And as far as battery charging, I have the Super Vook charger plugged in. Now I have the phone locked.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Fingerprint Sensor

We'll hit next, and I'll just put a pattern in here. Give it a moment here. There we go. We'll just do a Z again, some haptic feedback and we'll place our finger on the side. So this is where the fingerprint sensor is. That works well on some folding phones, so not under the screen. I don't mind it on the power button at all. Wants me to continue to move it around again. There's haptic feedback every time I press down. There we go, and it's going to get the phone ready. Then we can join the Red Cable Club again. I'll skip that for now, and then it's asking if I want to use a button or gesture navigation. I prefer gestures. So we'll go ahead and hit next, and it brings us into Oxygen Os. We'll hit, get started, and there we go.

Home Screen

So we have the default wallpaper. I'll link that in the description, of course, and then, of course, Oxygen Os, and there's actually a system update already, so we'll give it just a moment to finish the setup. We'll go into the update. You can see the update here, I'll get that installed, and then we'll continue. This is the April 2023 update for the Android security patch, so hopefully, we'll have a newer one after that as well.

The phone Updated: As you can see here, we're up to the latest update, and we're at the April update, so it looks pretty good.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G System Update

It is sluggish upon boot-up, but many Flagship phones are even sluggish when booting up for the first time. So the overall interface feels smooth. It's 120 Hertz, and it isn't the most fantastic display, but given the phone's price, it's pretty good.

As far as the camera goes, if we go into the camera here, as I mentioned, it is 108 megapixels; we'll go in here, and using the app will allow for that.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Charging

Let's go ahead and plug it in here. You'll see it start to charge immediately. With Superv charging, it's swift and works well. You can even see it ramp up the speed. So how fast it's charging is always impressive on these phones, so you don't have to do that. Of course, you can use the more reasonable, slower charge, and then there are also built-in game modes here. So let's agree. And it says welcome to games, and you can get information such as the overall frame rates and more, so we'll hit allow. Give it a second. There we go, and then, of course, you have instant-play games that you can jump right into.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Battery

5000 milliamp-hour battery. So this charges fast. As I mentioned, we're down to 33, so we'll try that in a moment. But according to OnePlus, this will charge from one percent to 80 in 30 minutes. It has 12 temperature sensors inside to ensure it stays cool, and it has superfood Endurance Edition charging and a battery health engine. So they've been imposing as far as overall charging speeds. So again, let's give it a moment. 

And it's also got something called dual 200 Ultra volume mode, and that's because we have a speaker on the bottom and at the top, but it should go super loud, so again, it's taking a moment. We'll give it a moment to get ready and then continue to set it up. Now it's asking to copy apps and data we won't copy for now. We want to get to the home screen and see what we've got checking info. Of course, it will want us to sign in with Google. I'll skip that for now. We'll give it a moment here. So we'll skip the Google sign-in. For now, we'll have to do that, of course. To use any of the Google services, we'll skip to the next section here, and then we can set up our fingerprint. So we'll go ahead and do that.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G Preinstalled Software

Regarding preinstalled software, everything's standard, except for some OnePlus things with notes. You've got the relax option, a recorder, and their internet, but everything's generally relatively standard for Android phones. Now, for the forward-facing camera, let's spin that around here, and we have 720p and 1080p.

Size Comparison

As you can see here, it has skin on the back, but it's a pretty big phone as far as that goes compared to the Ultra, so that gives you an idea. It's pretty tall but very, very light, so it's definitely a very light phone. I don't like this overall look with the cameras, but that's what they've decided to do. And then we have these other odd cameras here with macro and more, so not my favorite design. Although it's nice to hold in the hand because it's squared off on the edges, it's easy to hang on to, and it's scarce to see external storage and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.


I don't often cover less expensive phones typically, but if you want me to cover this, I'd like to be in shorts or something like that with comparisons to other phones. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know what you think of this. I'd love to hear from you there. 


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