OPPO A98 5G Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

OPPO A98 5G -  This is a brand new, highest end phone within the Oppo A series of smartphones, the A98. It is priced at 1399 Ringgit and it is boasted to be one of the more affordable smartphones in the market right now. But is that actually true? Let's find out.

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OPPO A98 5G Design

OPPO A98 5G Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

The Oppo A98 is a fairly simple phone overall. As you can see here, it uses a very similar design language when compared with the Oppo Renault 85g as there is this, uh, not sure what's this called a cutout? whatever you want to describe it, but as you can see here, there are some story Reflections going on at that area. Other parts of the back panel are made out of a matte plastic finish, which I really like since it is also slightly rougher in terms of texture, but it is still smooth for me to Glide my finger across practically. there is not gonna be any fingerprints at all, which is very good. Surprisingly, this phone is also very nice to hold with my hands as well.

So let's Now flip it around and talk about the screen. As you can see here, this is a 6.7 inch Ips Lcd screen that has a resolution of 3400 by 1080 pixels and maximum refresh rate of 120 Hertz.

OPPO A98 5G Screen

Now, even though it is an Ips Lcd screen, the color accuracy is actually very good. We can get 99 of Srgb color Gamma coverage with a maximum Delta E number of around 1.6 And all these numbers just mean that you are going to get a very fantastic screen in terms of its colors. But the only problem you'll be having with an Ips Lcd screen is the maximum brightness. The highest value that we have recorded is at around 600 nits, which is barely okay if you want to use it under direct black sunlight.

OPPO A98 5G Performance

As for the performance though, this is where I'll say the Oppo A98 is practically the same as the Operino At5g. It uses the same Snapdragon 695 chipset and it obviously will perform the same as well. You can play against any pack at the lowest graphical settings, but the more intensive areas in the game though you'll probably get only somewhere around 30 20 FPS, which is not going to be a good experience overall for lighter titles like Mobile Legends or even Pubg Mobile and whatnot. Yeah, you can play those games without any issues at all.

And if you want to know more, then watch our video at the top right corner. There for gaming Test videos of those other phones using the Snapdragon 695 and now comes the cameras.

OPPO A98 5G Camera

This one is going to be quite a doozy. You see the camera bump, make it look like there's two big cameras, but actually there's only two usable cameras. So we have a microscopic camera, which we'll talk about it later and we'll now focus on the main camera first. This is going to be a tough one, I'd say.

 overall, the main camera can take some okay looking pictures under certain conditions if it's sunny outside or just partly cloudy, then yes, the cameras can perform quite well, but it is still a bit underexposed for my taste, but that's personal preference. Bright indoor areas will still perform okay, but under home lighting conditions, though the cracks start to form, the colors become duller. 

And because this phone lacks any sort of stabilization and not even Eis, your pictures will become smeary. If we take night shots with this phone, then these kind of pictures will come out. Yeah, the long exposure shots without Eis or Ois means that you can easily smear your night shots and I wouldn't say it's impossible to take a nice one. It's just extremely difficult. At least it's easy to create light Trail shots like this, I guess.

Now as for the microscopic camera, this is a bit of a interesting one because it's not the first phone that has this kind of camera setup. So if you want to take a microscopic picture, then the flash will turn on. But because the flash is offset in terms of position with the microscope camera, you will create a white spot in one of the corners of your shot that will happen consistently, which I just don't know why they don't put a ring light around that microscope camera. That would improve everything all at once.

OPPO A98 5G Price in USA

OPPO A98 5G Price in USA starts from $320 ( Expected).

OPPO A98 5G Battery life

The battery life of this phone is actually quite good as well. Pretty much the same story as other phones that are in the market today. 5000 milliamp hour battery and we can get around 13 hours with our standardized battery life test. and it's also in line with other phones with the Snapdragon 695 chipset. As for the charging speed, this is also rather typical. It comes with a 67 watt proprietary charger inside the box and it can charge from 15 the completion in around 50 minutes while maintaining below 40 degrees celsius.

There's nothing out of the ordinary here, so we'll skip ahead and talk about the software. Now I have to say Color Os is much better than Miui, but the amount of bloatware within Color Os is insane nowadays.

OPPO A98 5G Software

I'm going to repeat myself again. We already have Hot Games hot apps alongside with Oppo's own app market which I will never use because we already have the Google Play Store and there's also a bunch of trash tier games that I just included with the phone and you have to delete it yourself.

Oppo, Why are you doing this? Do you want to give a bad impression to your customers? Because congratulations you did it. But I still do like the Shelf functionality. It's a really handy manual that I think can be further improved if they just allow home screen widgets to be added to the shelf. That would be much more excellent and a few more things to mention.

Few more things to mention

Obviously, this phone still uses a Usb 2.0 port at the bottom and it still has an audio jack and you can still place two Sim cards or one Sim card with a Micro Sd card. Finally, to answer the question, should you buy the Oppo A98?

Should you buy the OPPO A98?

Well, I do think that it has its own merits. Color Os is indeed quite good and has its own specialty. I do think that the amount of bloatware here is just way too much. And let's not forget about the system ads pushed out by Oppo's own ad Market as well, which is just very annoying. The cameras, though? as mentioned earlier, it's situational. It's okay in certain areas, but once the brightness turns down, then that's where it will struggle a lot.

As for the price of 1 399 Ringgit, you'll be the judge. I still think that it's a bit too expensive for what it's asking for, so that's it.

That's all we have to share with you about this phone. What do you think about it? Do let me know down the comment section below and we'll see you guys in the next one.

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