OPPO Reno8 T 5G Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

 And in today's post Oppo Renault 8 T. This is not the regular version, not the pro version, but the T version with a hundred megapixel camera, eight gigabyte of ram, 128 gigabyte of ROM manufacture date. It is fresh. Just a couple of days ago they manufactured that. It's wow. Fresh, Factory sealed, huge box so that that's probably a charger inside.

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OPPO Reno8 T 5G Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

 Let's open it. Foreign, probably What there's no case. No case. Well at least for now. Sim card tool Quick guide, Safety guide. Okay, let's put it aside, that's the device. Oh My God. Oh look at that color. Wow. Okay, what's up there? There's no case with it. That's strange. anyway. Charger which is a rapid charger, supercharger, 32 watts. What do we have?

Headphones Now let's put together charging cable cause of this charging cable which is looking quite a long Usb Type A to Usb type C and that's it. Oh my God. So why did this box is so thick? What's the point to like? They could easily shrink that box attack quarter. Anyway there it is. a satisfaction. It is very light. It has this fake skin. 

OPPO Reno8 T 5G Price in USA

OPPO Reno8 T 5G Price in USA 330$ (Expacted).

wow Vegan skill. It's not fake, it's vegan kind of flat surface of huge cameras. Look at those cameras that's 100 megapixel camera and those uh two megapixels I think wow it is Finn fingerprint magnet on the left side we have volume buttons, Sim card tray strange let's talk like a microphone or maybe a yeah Camera speaker on the left on the right side, Pi button speaker, Usb Type-c headphone jack that is cool and microphone and of course those beautiful cameras. 

Feels very light in hand. I like it, and quite comfortable. I also like it. The back is, uh, semi-slippery It's not bad, but nothing fantastically grippy. No. and the edges are pretty slippery too because they are round edges, not the flat edges. Anyway, it looks gorgeous with the gold trim and everything I like it.

Look at it. Let's power on. We can insert two Sim cards and the memory card. How cool is that? you're going to install? Update: Android 13 Glorious 13. and we're good to go. And there you go. Look at that beautiful screen and has a little bit of chin at the bottom. But other than that and it's okay and this price range. I love it. Look how Snappy that is. 

It's set to 19 Hertz. I'm recording with 60 frames per second, so it should be very very smooth.Wow. It has a little bit of blood work but a little bit. Those apps at the bottom I've installed in one, two, three, four, five like five. 

Apps at the very bottom are mine. the rest of it is and some kind of games Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and stuff like that. If we go to the info Um, okay, why this is not in English? sorry for that Color Os Color: 13. 8 gigabyte of RAM A hundred megapixel camera 35 gigabyte is already taken, so that's that.

Let me show you something. Let me show you how fantastic speakers uh in this Smartphone. Okay, I think the smartphones are a little bit too bright, but anyway. Wow! Phenomenal speakers, stereo speakers, Also the Fantastic for calling the sound quality from those speakers. If you call someone, let me just call someone and he will say test test Let me just show it to you. Start Test test Test Test test test. It's also fantastic.

 There is microscope. God damn that's nasty. What if we just put a a Sim card? Look at that text. Sure this is the texture on the Sim card that is crazy. Wow And we can go even more crazy. Wow, that's the Sim card. Check this out and that's my anyway. 

Anyway, let me show you some pictures. All the photos are getting crisp even at Night of Vera. For one of the best picture wise smartphone in this price range out there, I love it And you don't have to shoot with 108 megapixel. You can choose a wider lens and still I'm going to make a fantastic pictures. It's a huge screen, humongous 85 inch and there's also a fantastic always. Now the difference is huge between the Lcd and all that just unboxing experience. The four of you coming soon!

First impression: really nice in the hand. I like the gold trim. it is looking gorgeous shiny. I think that's the best color for this Smartphone. Gold and um Brown? Yeah I love it. It is very nice, very Snappy, no glitches, quick, very loud speakers, beautiful screen. There you go, there you go, wait for review. See our next post bye.

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