Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Price in USA 2023

  Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Price - Welcome to my Samsung Galaxy A54 for review Now in this video. We're going to talk about it in detail, and by the end of this video, You're Gonna know if this is the phone for you, the Samsung Galaxy A54. Also, if you ordered it or plan on picking it up by the end of this content, you'll know everything about it if this is something you want to buy or skip out on.

So let's begin by talking about the price point. So you can find this phone for 449$ to 4.99. If you want to see or hear about more carrier pricing, check out my unboxing video. I talk more about that there. Keep this in mind, though. The Galaxy A54 is a bonus designed to sell. That means that you're often going to see discounts on it. You're going to see carrier subsidies.

 You're going to see carrier plans for holiday sales. There will be a lot of deals on this phone throughout the year, but there are ways to get this, which trade in for 199. So do not pay 449 or 4.99 for this phone. Even though it's probably worth 400 or so, I still think you should find a way to use one of those plans, One of those deals, one of the trade-ins and get a steal of a deal on this phone because that's what this phone is designed for. I feel like now.

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Galaxy A54 right here. What are the key specifications that you need to pay attention to? This does have a 6.4-inch flat display. It's 1080 by 2340. It's similar to the one on the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus; however not quite as bright and not quite as Vivid, but it's still quite nice. Very good display overall that Samsung threw in here. It's a Super AMOLED. 

This is not a dynamic AMOLED display, so keep that in mind. Now this is a 120 Hertz adaptive display as well. We'll discuss that later, but we have a triple camera on the rear. 50 megapixels plus 12 megapixels plus a 5-megapixel macro camera. 

Now, we also have an Exynos 1380 chipset in here that is an octa-core CPU, Which means it's on two separate clusters with four cores. One is clocked at two gigahertz; the second is clocked at 2.4 gigahertz. Now, I had problems with Performance with the A53. We'll talk about it. This improved later now. They also threw in six gigabytes of RAM. On the 128 gigs, you have to go to the 256 to get the eight gigs of RAM. Also, how is inside of this phone is a 5 000 milliamp-hour battery. Such a large battery.

You also can get this in four colourway options. You can get it in awesome Violet, graphite, lime, and white. However, if that's where you're picking this up in the Us market, it comes in graphite and Violet. In other markets, you can get it in white and lime. Or if you want those colours, you can order them, you know, unlocked, but you'll have to find their third party and carriers. I see this in graphite and Violet, so those were the key specifications that mattered.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Price in USA 2023

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Build, Body, and Design

What about the body, the build? The design quality of this phone. Now I've been putting my finger around this over the weekend, and this is essentially a Galaxy S23 Light kind of phone they're using. You know, similar design line, but they're using cheaper materials. So around, and I'm not mad at that because it still looks and feels nice. So around the edges, it resembles aluminium. It looks exactly like aluminium, but it feels like plastic. So if you think of a polished premium aluminium Samsung phone, this feels cheaper. 

However, most people are going to put the case on the back. It does have glass. However, I'm not upset with that either because this gives you a good grip if you use the phone without a case. You'll get a hold if you use it with a patient. But the glass looks quite nice on the back here. And then we do have ourselves triple camera. Some people say this is plastic, but it's Gorilla Glass 5 on the back, and then we have glass on the front. So definitely a nice overall design.

Now there is one phone this most resembles. If I'm honest with you, I've been thinking about it. Which phone does this compare to? It resembles an iPhone 12. if you've seen the purple iPhone 12, look at the vertical camera's glass sandwich design, aluminium looking edges. This is a real aluminium foam. But of all the phones I've looked at, this resembles the iPhone 12. which is alright. You know you didn't pay 200 for an iPhone 12 but a trade-in, did you? So no, you didn't know. 

Also, what's nice about this phone is that despite its large display, it has a light build. Of course, you'll get a more lightweight body with this plastic frame here now. This build is only around 202 grams, so right around the side, it has a weight of 14 plus, which I raved about as a really nice comfortable size. Now this phone also does have an Ip67 and does some water resistance, so not the Ip68 found on the larger phones.

But looking at these sides here, I like where they place the power button. It's in a good location. The fingerprint is natural right here. We do have a volume rocker on the bottom. You'll see a very clean USB charging. You know, microphone hole. There. You have a speaker Grille on the left side, just super clean, minimal, nothing there. At the top, you'll find the micro Sd card slot with the Sim card tray in there. No sim forcing here another microphone hole in the back. 

There's the camera lenses, and there's the flash. Now the camera lenses stick off the body a bit, so you will want a case if you don't want to damage those. However, I've been throwing this one around with no issue. I haven't got any scratches, so durability seems good. But if you're the type of person who wants to protect your phone Super or you plan on, you know, upgrading this later and getting a good trade-in deal, I would consider doing that for this phone because it will scratch up over; you know, repeated, you know, usage without a case. So do keep that in mind.

So overall design and build are quite nice. The punch hole is also small, as you'll find on the more premium Samsung phones. Now I don't think it's quite as nice as you know, the phones that don't have any punch holes like you know, some of those Et phones have under-display cameras, but it's still a lot cleaner, I think, and a lot less distracting than something like Dynamic Island on iPhones.

Now, one noticeable thing is the bezels. The chin on here is substantial compared to, you know, the newer Samsung Galaxy S23s, which have minimal to no bezels, and this will be a big Trend. Before they do, all screens will have minimal to no bezels. That's probably going to be the next thing that's going on. I've seen rumours that the 14 Pro will have a Super or 15 Pro. It will have super thin bezels, but this one reminded me of some older Android phones with a chin. And then, on the side, you'll find thicker bezels than before.

However, when you look at this phone, you don't look at it too much. You forget about it after a few days. When you compare it to a premium phone, it's noticeable. Is it a deal breaker? No way. Ever. Because of this phone's price point. I do not care. I'm pointing out everything I noticed about this phone because this is a full review. So overall, design, quality, The look, The feel. To Me. overall, it feels substantial. It feels like a nice premium foam with a cheaper, quality frame around it. So it's a mashup between a premium and a cheap phone. It's a good value. Let's just put it that way.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g  Display quality and features

Well, first of all, it gets plenty bright up to a thousand nits. And I noticed this Outdoors. It was easy to see. You will find a few phones at this price giving you a thousand nits. This is beating the Pixel 6A when it comes to brightness. Also, you get the same features on a premium Samsung phone, like Icomfort Shield, the extra dim mode, and the dark way. So Samsung is not skimping on display. They're known for being some of the best you know display providers of smartphones, and only, they're not skimping out on this one either.

Now if we go to display here, you also can change between adaptive and standard motion. However, I found this phone to not look smooth without the Adaptive movement, so I always kept the Adaptive motion section turned on. It is noticeably different in Performance if I go to standard, so stay away from there. The natural mode is quite pleasing to the eye, so I didn't keep it in a Vivid manner. 

Although Vivid mode is very Punchy, I found it to hurt my eyes after, you know, constant screen use with the Vivid way, so I only turn that on when I wanted to see some very Vivid and saturated content. So I do like that they're providing that. And also, they do have an eye Comfort shield. There's no enhanced eye Comfort as you'll find on the more premium phones, but that's okay. That'll be a feature. It'll trickle down to the A series, maybe later in an update or something or in the next version, but it's not here yet.

And then, of course, you have many other display options. But the actual quality of the display is good. It's over 400 pixels per inch, so I had no issues reading the text. Viewing angles are fantastic. You know it gets plenty bright outside. It feels like a premium display on this phone, and you're getting more than expected for this price point. So Samsung is costly on display. 

If you can get this on a deal, you're getting one of the best displays money can buy for this price. So good. When you compare this to an iPhone Se that gave you an iPhone 8 display from 2000, what was it like? For the iPhone 7 type of display, there is no comparison. This is annihilating that display. So this is a really good value here. No issues whatsoever.

Now. Also, you do have the ability to go ahead and use this on a landscape rotation. If you go to the home screen and setting scroll down. You'll find our ability to rotate the landscape right here, and that's good. That's nice. Also, Samsung takes advantage of giving you this larger display by including edge features and multitasking. In addition to that, this display also gets pretty dim, so you'll like that as well. At night time, it was able to get super dark, which I do like. 

You want it to be light at night time. It's pretty good as well. Now the size of the display. Also, in Notes: let's go to Notes Here. Let's go over here. Done. Now the display size makes the keyboard typing experience on this panel pretty good as well. Hey, what's up? This is the Galaxy A54, so that's good for this panel. And watching content on here was nice.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Price in USA 2023

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Price in USA 2023 - 128 GB $449.99.

Conclusion and rating on display

Not as premium but bigger and looks about like the same. And Samsung has provided you with a wider aspect ratio which matches up to iPhones and stuff like that. Also, regarding the other Samsung phones that came out since the S22 models, I complained before about their narrow feel aspect ratio, meaning the content was squished into the thinner.

 Let's just put it that way; I like this wider display. It's more useful, and it makes smaller phones feel larger. Like this: 6.4-inch phone, if you're not paying attention, it could feel like a 6.7-inch device. So that's what I like about it. But the only thing noticeable is that chin on white backgrounds. Again, it will fade out of your Consciousness when you're not paying attention. But when you're looking at the video, and we're looking at it, you can see it again.

Remember the price point? You're not paying 900 to have ultra-thin bezels the top of the line smartphone, so you have to make some sacrifices, but the punch hole doesn't get in the way too much of the content.

Also, there's one last thing I want to mention about the display here. I'm going on about it, but you can change between different Navigation settings on this panel. So you have this navigation bar right here. You can hide this gesture. I like to leave it there so I know where it's at. I know where it's anyway, but I like going there. I have buttons, so you can have those if you want the older Android-style ones. You got your options here. So options, quality, and more options. That's the name of the game here.

With the Galaxy A54 display. The only sacrifice again, and it's not a sacrifice; it's something you notice compared to premium phones, are the bezels. That's about it. So in terms of the software, we are running again, the same thing you'll find on the Galaxy S23 models.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g  Software experience and features

You're getting the one Ui 5.1 combined with Android 13. And the software is awesome. You're getting a phone that feels like I'm using the same thing I use on my premium Samsung phones. You know you have the Galaxy store. You have the Google ecosystem along with the Samsung ecosystem. Now if you have Samsung Galaxy Buds, you have Samsung laptops. These things work well together.

Now there's one downside to this phone. There are no Samsung decks, which makes sense because there are more powerful processors than this. Samsung didn't want to give you a slower experience hurting their overall, you know, image of this phone, so they did not include Samsung Dex here. That's my take. 

That's not what they said; I don't have it because the chip is not powerful enough to give you a buttery smooth deck experience. But definitely, the phone itself features packed just like the other phones. You'll likely find more on the Galaxy S23 if you go into the advanced features. Plus, you'll find more. You'll have all S Pen section Ultra, but for the A54, they're still giving you a ton of things, including Labs features, so you can go to town and have some fun. You got the Galaxy store; it's all here. They got a ton on offer for you, so feel free to contact most of what you want from a Samsung phone.

I agree there for most of what people use. They have it all here on the Galaxy A54 as well. The majority of the software you are going to use, so no extra add-ons, Just like everything you would expect from a Samsung phone. It is here.

Now I will move on to the section that needs to be discussed here and the most important discussion, Performance. But before we talk about Performance, just one last thing about the software we will have around.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Performance experience

You know, four years of security, three years of major, so keep that in mind. You might even get five on this phone. You got long software support. Just keep that in mind for this phone's Performance.

This is the area I've been waiting to talk to you guys about. So during the initial setup, I have to tell you the truth. I experienced three to four crashes on this phone during the initial setup. It took a while for this thing to stay smooth. I don't know what happened during design, but I had to re-download some apps twice because they were crashing. It wasn't. Let's just put it this way; it wasn't the funniest experience. I even made a video about it here. 

So let me go ahead and show you this video. But I'm making this video because I was hoping you could watch this in Frozen. The buttons aren't working, so I wouldn't say I like Exynos Chipsets Samsung. If you're watching this video, we gotta. We've got to get some Snapdragon here. We got to improve the Performance on the A series lineup, so I was very mad on that first day. I decided to forego posting that on shorts because I didn't. I wanted to give it a fair shot.

Every phone can lag up from here and there, but I didn't experience this on the Galaxy S series or the Ultra Series, the S Ultra. So I'm talking about S23s. That's 23 Ultras. The last time I experienced that was a few years on any Samsung phone besides this one and maybe the A53, which was even worse. So this phone is not lag-free. There is a potential for a lag once in a while, and I will tell you if you do put on the motion smoothness into standard, this phone downright feels choppy.

 So do not put it here if you want a super smooth experience. It just feels laggy when you put it in the normal motion. So could you keep it in the Adaptive? It's on by default for a reason. Samsung wants you to experience a smooth working smartphone, and that's pretty good. However, let's dive deeper into the Performance now. Generally, this one might look like a Galaxy S23, but it still performs more on par with its price point. So don't expect a phone that will perform exactly like an S23.

One thing I particularly notice is the animation. They're just not as smooth when you're hopping through it as something like the S23. Even with the 120 Hertz, now you're probably thinking, why are you talking about an S23? The dude, this is a Galaxy A 54 And the question? The answer is it's because that's what I have used. Then it's a Samsung phone. That's it. 

These minor little animations not being the fastest in the world don't bother me either. Here's why: After I've been using this for a couple of days after the initial setup, it worked itself out, and I haven't had any lag ever since, so I'm pretty happy with that. So all the stuff set up caused it to hook up slightly. And I've got to tell you, at the end of the day, I'm generally happy with the Performance here. It got pretty good after the initial setup. Also, it's better than the Galaxy A53 by far.

The Galaxy A53 was a mess regarding Performance, so I will give Samsung credit where credits do. They have been improving the Performance of this phone. They did improve their Performance. However, I still need to find out where I want it to be. Considering that we have iPhone Sc and Pixel 6A and Pixel 7A come in, they're likely outperforming this phone Once again.

 This phone needs better Performance. Samsung, please throw a Snapdragon chip in here or something. Or make the Exynos faster. Do something to make this foam just quicker. That will take this thing and blow away the competition at that point. There's not much the competition can offer unless the competition people want the ecosystems they offer. But in terms of it, it's like the S Series right now. The S23 series. Being that those phones have great Performance, all the features. A lot of people are liking those devices.

This one is right here. 7 out of 10 in Performance. Not underwhelming, not horrible, but there is a potential for some hiccups. Some stutter here and there. Overall, it does a fine job once you get everything set up. So that's all I got to say about Performance here. It's been a good experience, not a great one now. One thing that's been great and I love is that this phone has an Sd card slot.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Ram and Storage

So not only do I get my internal storage of, you know, 128 gigs, I have the ability, and I added a 256 gig storage card in here. So that's improved as well. So better storage than you know you can get on phones that don't get off other Samsung phones. They don't even give you an Sd card. So that's pretty lame for Samsung not to provide us with an Sd card on the premium but to give us one here on the A series. I'll take it if you're getting an A series. Congratulations, you're getting Samsung's tried and true Sd card slot. Other phones have it too, but that's something Samsung used to be known for. Happy it's still here now.

Six gigabytes of RAM on board is because I won 128 gigs. This has not affected the Performance so much. It's been more of the Cpu that has affected the Performance. In my experience, I find that it's a CPU usually because I've used Samsung phones with six gigs of RAM that had faster premium processors. So definitely, it's not the ram. It's just the process of Exynos, so it is a bit of a sacrifice but not the end of the world.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Camera software features and experience

They're good, actually, for what you're paying. Once again, I have a little bit of a premium flagship phone in the camera Department. We have porch remotes, fun modes, video modes, and more. More ways, You know, Samsung giving you the Pro Pro Video Single take, night mode, food modes, panoramic man, it goes on and uh. The Nice thing about it too. You can bring these modes down here, move them around, customize them, and guess what? 

All your camera settings are right here within the camera. Also, 10 seconds. Now here's one thing I don't like about the camera. Honestly, I don't want that on the video mode here. We only have the option to go up to Uhd 30. um, hello, it's uh. Samsung. Hey, what's up? It's Uh. 2023. Most phones have 4K 60. Can you please stop giving me a Uhd 30? I don't care.

 I know it will be some discounts, but, uh. 500 dollars? 4K 60? Please, please like? Come on, let's get with it. Ak-30, 4K 24, Having those cinematic, you know, type things, and having those extra add-ons, I get it. We'll pay extra for the S Series, but just a basic 4K 30 for today's series. Come on, let's get with it. Also, on the front. What the heck is this? We can only do 4K 30 on the show as well. Where is my 4K 60 on display? It's a 2023 Samsung. I'm paying 500 for a smartphone. Throw in 4k 60. Thank you very much.

That's my only complaint here. Also, the macro camera is not that useful. You can throw Macro on an ultra-wide lens. Why don't we throw in a telephoto lens here? Give this a little bit of Zoom. How about this Samsung instead of going 2x Optical? Why don't we get a 3X Optical max out at a 10 yo, a 10x Zoom or a 15x digital Zoom coming right under the S series that are like 30X? We can go 15 or 20x. Could you give us some Zoom? Not quite as much as the I get it, not quite as much as the more premium priced phones, but we can do better than this. The 10x is nice.

Overall, this phone is feature-packed, like most Samsung phones. The camera results in a second have been pretty good. I also like the selfie camera. It does a really good job here, and if you want to do social media, you will like it. However, this phone's overall camera experience feels like a flagship from two or three years ago. So that's a good and a bad thing. 

The bad thing is that it doesn't feel like it's pushing the boundaries in any way for a mid-ranger, But it's also good because Flagship phones from just a couple of years ago or three years ago were not horrible. They were really good. So you're overall getting a really solid camera. This is about a seven-and-a-half eight out of ten on a camera. 

Please take a look at my samples, let me know what you think and keep in mind some Flags. Your phones only have dual cameras. I'm talking to you, Apple 14 plus 14, so you still get a pretty good value to add, at least having triple. However, this is down one camera from the A53. I don't care because this gives you everything you need. Although, again, I would swap that Macro for a telephoto.

Camera samples and video samples

Guys, so this is what the Samsung Galaxy A54 looks like on the front-facing video in full Hd 60. this is the audio coming directly from those speakers and the video quality from the phone. So let me know your thoughts on it down below.

So here is some 4K 30 footage from the Samsung Galaxy A54 Audio coming directly from the phone itself. You can get an idea of the overall quality. Let me know your thoughts Down Below.

In the comments section of this post, here are some awesome study videos with the Galaxy A54. I'm going to run a little bit to get an idea of how it performs. I'll swing the phone around quickly, see how stable it stays, and how about a zoom? No zooming in this, so there are no capabilities of zooming and super steady. All right. So let's talk about one of the most fun things here.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5g Battery, connectivity, phone call quality

The battery life. Now, I just charged it up for this video. Samsung's predicting two days and 22 hours left with the current usage we're doing. Have you been paying attention to that battery percentage throughout this video? I've been recording this video for about 20 minutes already. That thing only went down two per cent. This thing sips battery life, and that's why. Having a slower processor and not as quite as sharp of a panel. The things I complain about in this video make up for it in the battery life. This phone easily lasts all day.

 The only time I found it draining was when I blasted the brightness at a thousand nits. I was doing a 4K video outside, pushing it to its Max. That's when the battery, you know, heated up quite a bit. Also, during Performance, playing games like Asphalt, you're playing more premium games. I should mention this as well since we're talking about battery, it will drain the battery a little bit, and this phone does get warm when pushing those games. But the funny thing is that you could still play these high-end games. Even though this is not a high-end Samsung phone, it's still usable. It still works well. A good experience whatsoever.

Just gets a little warm, so I recommend a case if you want more comfort when playing games.

Battery life, though. I found that you know when you are using it day to day, it just sips it. Now, when you talk about standby time, they've also improved this. All the One Ui 5.1 phones have improved regarding the sipping of battery life when it comes to standby, so that's pretty good as well. It doesn't charge the fastest out there, 25 watts, but that's still better than some other phones that are not reverse wireless chargers. Remember that this is not the highest end, but battery life is solid. I would not need a charger when I go out with this one. Power-saving modes would get you even more battery life. However, you'll suffer with Performance with that a little bit, so keep that in mind. On the whole, this one is a definite goal when it comes to battery life. Very happy there now.

Audio quality. It's not going to blast your eardrums. It's not super loud, but it's workable. It's got pretty good bass [Music]. It doesn't sound too far from a flagship, the Pixel 7A, but I still want to show it because this is what is out now. This, I mean, just of getting this kind of audio quality. I remember when the cheaper series only had one speaker. It's nice. Man, this is a nice upgrade. So a couple of other things before we wrap up this video I want to talk about, and that is the connectivity: USB 2.0, so not the latest standards out there, not three. 

We don't have the fastest transfer speeds, but it's still USB.

The fingerprint underneath the display has been perfect. The face unlocks surprisingly misses more than on my S20 models. I don't know why it's still using a camera, but it's cutting me more on this phone. Uh. The fingerprint, though, Also wasn't quite as accurate as the S models, but it was still pretty good. Bluetooth 5.3 Wi-fi 6, no 6E on here, so you do not have those latest standards, and I've got to say, in terms of the phone call Quality, this has also been very good. I found full strength and was using Mint Mobile to test this phone. Full bars everywhere I went. People heard me; I had yet to drop calls.

5G on here. Remember 5G so you are set up for the future. You'll be good here if you're coming from one of those older A series phones, the cheaper series Without 5G.

And the last thing before I give you my conclusion on this device is you know this phone will only be a good trade-in if you go for the next series model. You'll get a little on the resale, so buy this one to use. It's not a phone you purchase thinking; I will buy this and get so much money back. 

This is not an S Series. This is not a Z series. That doesn't make it a bad foam; it means this is not an investment type phone where you can, you know, at least get no phones or Investments, but you can at least get something back a good sizable amount. This is not a flagship-grade phone, so keep that in mind. You buy this phone to use this phone. That's what it is. It's a phone to be used. It's not a phone to buy. And oh, I'm going to sell my iPhone, or I'm going to sell my S Series phone for 800 900 next year. Nope, that's different from this one. Sorry, not this one. And my conclusion is in the Galaxy A54.

Conclusion and rating

This phone feels like a near flagship phone, but it reminds you it's not. With all the, not having the highest specs on the market. It reminds you that this is not Samsung's best. However, what it does do is it has pretty good features. Pretty good Performance, pretty good everything. Good display and better Performance in the A54 Oled. It's going to work well for the average consumer for sure. 

The person buying this nose is going in that this is not going to be top in Samsung, but it performs better than budget Samsungs of the past years. Those needed to be better. This one's not that. However, it does have the capability of lag stutter sometimes. Do keep that in mind.

This easily beats the iPhone Se currently. The current Sc easily beats that. I'm concerned about when Apple launches their next Sc, which is rumoured to be a bigger display, but for now, it easily beats that phone; we'll have to see what the 7A brings.

A solid offering from Samsung. I'm going to give it an 8 out of 10. They can get a perfect score if they improve their Performance. Throw on better cameras in terms of video at 4K 60, and having, you know, better-zooming cameras so they could zoom a little bit more give us a faster processor. It doesn't have to be the highest end, but a quicker Snapdragon processor in here. If we can do that, you'll get a 10 out of 10 for me. But for now, 8 out of 10, it's solid. It's a solid offering, and you won't be disappointed. If you know what you're doing with this phone, that's it for me.

Samsung Galaxy A54 Are you picking one up? Are you not? Are you done with this phone? I'm done with my review here, so I don't have much to say.


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