Vivo X80 Pro Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

Vivo X80 Pro - So Vivo is back in action. It's just launched its most premium flagship smartphone, the X80 Pro. There will be no pro; this is their top-end model, which packs many upgrades over previous X-series models, including a bigger battery with faster charging. You're now powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, with many great gaming features. And that Zeiss branded camera tech has also been boosted with new hardware and the all-new V1 Plus imaging chip.

So far, so very arousing, but let's whip the Vivo X80 prone out of his box, take you on a complete tour to see what we're dealing with here, and for more on the latest and greatest deck.

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Vivo X80 Pro Price in USA

What's in the box?

Well, there is one Vivo X80 smartphone bit of 80-watt flash charge adapter action. It's pretty bloody big, but I have seen it more significant. Get your Type C USB cable, Vivo's even chucked-in branded earphones, and rubbery bonus tips. And yes, these are Type-c earphones, which gives you a massive clue as to whether there's a headphone jack.

And last up; you've got a step up from the usual protective condom case. It's more of a hard shell cover for the Vivo X80 Pro. It looks intelligent when slapped on. There only adds a little to the perimeter, just extra protection for the edges. And there you have it. Nice and easy. That is your bally lot.

So let's start with the look and feel of the Vivo X80 Pro, and indeed, Vivo has mostly stayed the same design language.

Vivo X80 Pro Design

Compared with previous flagships, the X80 Pro comes in one colour and one colour only. That's this rather austere cosmic black model. It might not be the most punchy, vibrant finish in the world, but it is brilliant and sleek. It certainly fits a flagship smartphone. And I love the Vivo chucks' matte finish on all of its phones because they are highly resistant to grubby finger grease and other nasty muck.

The construction is mostly glass. You do have a metal frame running along the edge of the Vivo X80 Pro, and apparently, Vivo has chucked in ceramics in the camera housing. Just an extra rugged finish to help prevent any scratching and other issues. And this is a nearly 6.8-inch smartphone. And it weighs in at 219 grams, so it could be cumbersome to clutch for an extended period. It certainly got a good heft to it, although thankfully, none of that flat-edge nonsense is a pretty skinny smartphone—curved edges and corners, so a pleasing hand feel.

 However, sadly, no Ip rating for the Vx80 pro is usually something reserved for Pro Plus models, although there will be no Pro Plus model for the X80 according to Vivo, like a lot of other flagship smartphones that the Spare Just Curves never saw gently around the edges of the phone and as expected initially nor headphone jack to speak of now packed onto the Vivo X80 is full-on Android 12, as you'd expect from a 2022 flagship smartphone, complete with a hilariously titled Fun Touch.

Vivo X80 Pro Price in USA

Vivo X80 Pro Price in USA  $840.

Vivo X80 Pro Features & FunTouch

Os 12 slap there on top. And while Vivo did tell me the X80 Pro would be supported with Os on security upgrades in the future, they didn't tell me exactly how many years they would be keeping it for, hopefully, more than just your bog standard one or two.

And overall, I like the Fun Touch Os experience. It's got a reasonably stock Android vibe. It's called the Discover feed, and it is still on there; you got your apps tray, but you will need to do a few little tweaks bit of customization to get it right, for instance, by default for some reason. You've got the dog background and tech here in the apps tray, so you can't actually read it. Very helpful. Fortunately, you can completely personalize the X80 Pro as usual with Vivo smartphones. Right down to the likes of the fingerprint animations that play out and even the charging animation. And Fun Touch being fun, adds some other bonus bits, including the ultra game mode, which I'll test out when I get my Genchin impact on the go.

You've got the usual great Android privacy features chucked on here, and as far as the security goes, no complaints there. It's an ultrasonic display. The fingerprint sensor took me seconds to set up and seems flawless everyday performance. The X80 Pro takes a 3d image of your fingerprint to improve its accuracy, and even when your finger's a bit moist, no worries whatsoever; the unlock action? Perfect. You've also got support for a bit of face open.

And as for the storage, you got 256 gigs packed on here, Ufs 3.1, of course. So lovely and speedy too. Unfortunately, that is expandable via micro Sd as you've only got space for two sims in that tray.

One of my only complaints with Vivo smartphones. as far as the software side of things, because you do get a lot of crap wear pre-installed on this thing. It's a standard affair with Chinese smartphones. Lots of bollocks like tick tock and LinkedIn and everything crammed on there and options to download even more and fill up your storage faster. Fortunately, most of this stuff can be straight up, installed-friendly, and accessible. It'll take a while because there's quite a bit of it.

Vivo X80 Pro Display & audio

You've got to be miserable to complain about the whopping 6.78-inch AMOLED display slapped on the Vivo X80 Pro. It's bright; it's poppy. You can make the colours even punchier in the display settings. And you've got a Wqhd plus resolution of 3200 by 1440—an upgrade from the full Hd panel on the standard X70 Pro.

Unfortunately, the selfie cam orifice is centrally positioned, just like on Samsung smartphones. I prefer when it's wedged away in a corner, more out of the way, but it's pretty dinky. It doesn't intrude too much on shears when you go full view. As usual with Oled, you've got excellent wide viewing angles, nice sharp contrast, nice deep blacks, and no problems with the automatic brightness so far, either. And on the top brightness levels, the outdoor visibility is fine.

As mentioned, you can boost the colours to make them poppier and jolly. You can even change up the resolution if you want. It's stuck at 2400 by 1080 by default. So if you want to use the maximum resolution, you must manually boost that. And as the X80 Pro rocks a bit of Ltpo tech, You've also got a dynamic refresh rate that scales down from one hertz up to 120 hertz.

And like most of the flagship smartphones in 2022, you've got a stereo speaker setup here on the X80 Pro, but is it any good? Let's boost up the volume stroking. The Mars Cat is like stroking a toaster, bro. The Mozcat does not bring freshly caught, semi-deceased wildlife into your home and immediately lose interest. See, I'm alright on that top volume. You'll quickly hear what's happening when you're just kicking back with the video, not bothering with any headphones, even if you're in quite a noisy place. That's not a particularly tinny sound, either. So again, OK for your YouTube, your Netflix, and everything. If you want to listen to some music, unfortunately, there's no headphone jack, so it is Type C headphones or dongles all the way, although you also have Bluetooth 5.2 support if you want to go wireless instead.

Now, power and Proceedings. X80 Pro is Qualcomm's beefy Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset on the Vivo.

Vivo X80 Pro Performance & gaming test

Twelve gigs of Ddr5 ram back this, so it was no real shock when Geekbench staffed out these superb scores. Nor was it a surprise that I got an excellent gaming experience from Gentian Impact. Even when I bumped up the detail levels to the highest graphics settings and the frame rate to 60 fps for the first half hour or hour, there was the occasional little jitter in the frame rates when the action got intense. Still, I improved over time.

But if you're having issues with any title, you can always slap it up. Come and get some effort from the basic Bog standard balanced gaming modes that way. Via that pull-out gaming menu, Fun Touch Os offers up all the usual game unfair, including a bit of notification, blocking and call blocking. You've got the eagle eye view enhancement feature, which can change up the gamut, the contrast levels to make enemies easier to spot in dim conditions, and lots of clever stuff, and that slightly curved display I found was also excellent for gaming.

 You got a 300-hertz touch response rate, so there are no delays between poking and swiping the screen and things happening in the game. From the sensitivity, the display was also perfect for fast-paced action games. And the good news is that even when you're gaming all afternoon on the likes of Gentian Impact, no worries.

As far as overheating goes because you've got a built-in vapour chamber and other cooling methods. So during the Vivo X80 pro's end, they get a bit toasty after lots and lots of Gentian Impact action. It never got to the point where my fingertips were singing or the performance was throttling. Now packed inside of that rather brilliant-looking chassis has a 4 700 milliamp hour capacity battery, so that's bigger than the one found inside of the X70 Pro from last year.

Vivo X80 Pro Battery life

So far, I am doing the job. I've been getting around six hours of screen time in the last couple of days of use. That includes a good bit of gaming governor media streaming and plenty of camera players. And if you need to give the X80 Pro a quick top-up, no worries. 

You've got support for 80-watt wired charging so that it will back up again instantly. You've also got 50-watt wireless charging if you'd prefer to stick it on your wireless charging pad at night when you get all tucked up with Teddy. And just as Nippy is the connectivity, you've gained full 5g support, of course, courtesy; that's Snapdragon 8 Gen1.

Great news when you're out and about, and the Wi-Fi connectivity seems fantastic too. Nice and Nippy. Even absolute whoppers like Gentian Impact downloaded pretty damn smoothly here on my home Wi-Fi, so our time is almost at an end, kiddies.

Vivo X80 Pro Camera test

But let's finish up this Vivo X80 Pro unboxing with a squint of that rather beefy camera tech. It is a bit of a wide boy, the camera housing up here at the top, because there are four separate lenses crammed in there and the flash and everything. Now the primary shooter here on the X80 Pro is Samsung's fresh new 50-megapixel Gnv sensor. This is the first time it's been used. It's also a big old sensor, so it sucks up lots of light. Great for those low light conditions.

And here's just a small selection of test photos that I snapped using the Vivo X80 Pro in its full auto mode. There's no manual tweaking or anything like that going on here. You have impressive white balance and colour accuracy in solid and low-light conditions.

 And when things get correctly bright, the Zeiss T-star coating on the lens helps to reduce flaring and other glare-based fuck-ups, which is a bonus. And when you're snapping in darker conditions, Vivo's fresh V1 plus image and chip, an upgrade over the previous V1 effort, helps to process those night shots quickly. You can even shoot better-looking night videos using the Ai video enhancement feature. Although this does top off at full Hd resolution, you can't use that at 4k or 8k res, and the camera UI can be dense. A bit confusing if you haven't used the Vivo phone before; you've got the likes of the Zeiss natural colour mode up top and the Hdr sense.

You've also got a separate Ai mode now, which can be toggled on or off to select a scene for you, although this can be slow to kick into action anyway. So, for instance, occasionally, when it detects you're trying to shoot A person, it will suggest swapping into portrait mode. You're often better off just doing it manually yourself. And speaking of portraits, you do have a separate portrait sensor. It's a 12-megapixel Sony Imx663, and when you enter portrait mode, you've got complete control over the actual bokeh-style effect in the background.

 You have the usual beauty modes, filters, and everything you want. Overall, this has some pretty good results, and the portrait shooter also has that gimbal stabilization. So it supports full-on night modes and can generally cope pretty well when you are moving and shooting simultaneously—the stabilization, in general very impressive here on the Vivo. As usual, you can knock off the dedicated stabilization feature here in the settings if you like, and there are still two more lenses to talk about here on the X80 pro, one of them being the ultra wide-angle shooter. It's a 48-megapixel effect Sony Imax 598. so again. You can get great-looking ultra-wide shots without much distortion around the edges and with plenty of detail packed in.

And if you want to get closer to the action, Vivo has also slapped on an 8-megapixel telephoto shooter. As you can see there, you can get up to five times hybrid zoom. This does max out at 60 times digital zoom, but things start to get grainy when you get up to that level.

As for the video, well, you can shoot at 4k resolution at 30 or 60 frames per second; otherwise, bump it up to 8k if you like and again, gotta say that Ak resolution. The stability is pretty impressive stuff all the same. I keep it at the 4k level because that is packing enough detail for sure, and you get all the benefits of the fast frame rate if you want a bit of that. And as an example of that Ai video enhancement, here's some complete Hd footage that I shot at night without it. 

And then here's some footage shot with the Ai video enhancement using that clever new chip, and then last up around front, you've got a 32-megapixel selfie shooter who used to snap those Instagramable shots. Shots are not like this one. And again, here are some examples of selfies I photographed around the Homestead and some low-light efforts. Furthermore, it came out nice indeed, but if you want to shoot some video using that selfie cam, unfortunately, the resolution does top off at full Hd 1080p.

At 30 frames per second, there's no 4k option. Certainly an away key option. and that right there in a delicious little nutshell is the Vivo X80 Pro.

Last Word

One hell of a new flagship smartphone pack and some incredible performance. Some excellent battery life and flexible camera tech can cope with anything you throw at it. So as long as you don't mind the likes of fun touch os, you'll get on pretty well with it. Anywho, those are my thoughts. Be great. Hear from you guys in the comments below.

Does the Vivo X80 Pro tempt you? Hopefully, slap full pricing and availability and everything down in the description as well because I don't know it right now. It is a pre-release of all the latest degrees. 

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