Watchos 10 Supported Devices

 Watchos 10 Supported Devices - Hi everyone! MD BELAL here for Bloggeratoz and Watch Os 10 release to developers, and this is one of the most significant updates we've seen in a very long time.

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Watchos 10 Supported Devices

Watchos 10 Supported Devices

This update supports the Series 4 Apple Watch up to the Apple Watch Ultra and is a significant overhaul of the Watch Os. Now this came in at 1.1 gigabytes on the Apple Watch Ultra, and it was a quick install, and this update has many new features and changes.

Watchos 10 Size

Now. First, let's go ahead and take a look at the build number so we'll go down to settings, and you'll see, so far, it looks pretty much the same here.

Watchos 10 Build number

So if we go to settings, we go to General; you can see the build number here as 2 1R 5275t. This particular update you'll see already. Changes in the menu bring many changes and an overhauled interface to Watch Os 10. You'll first notice my typical watch face if I scroll up using the Digital Crown.

Watchos 10 New Features, Changes, and Updates

We now have Smart Stacks here, so not only does it give the time, and you can leave it on this display, but not only does it give the time, you have different Smart Stacks with your Weather, your calendar, you have your activity, and also your news. So those things are brought into intelligent Stacks. If you press and hold, you can add another one, or you can delete some, so you've got different things as far as music. You also have all of your other apps that Can be supported within those bright Stacks, so if you want something different there, you can add all of these.

Watchos 10 Control Center

Also, the control center is brought up differently; yes, you can scroll up from the bottom, but it typically brings up the intelligent stack. So you want to press the button on the side, and it will bring up the control center with your battery, Wi-Fi connections, and more. So you'll see here that it has all of the different typical control center things there; you can bring this up when you're in any app. So if I go into music, give it a second there, press the button, and it comes up with the control center. Now they've revamped just about every single app within Watch Os 10.

Watchos 10 App changes

So you can see here. Here's the music, and I have the other Watch here to compare. Watch Os 9 First Watch Os 10. if we go into music, you'll see this is what it looks like.

Watchos 10 Music App

So as we scroll down, we have our different music here. If we go into this one, the now-playing screen looks slightly different. So if we go into it, I'll pick this one here, and the overall screen looks different here, giving you an idea of what it looks like. We'll hit play, and it is buggy. However, it is pretty solid overall, so you'll see it says AirPlay iPhone, and then you have you're now playing screen, so that's nice.

If we go back out and then we go into the compass. This has been updated as well, so it's giving our elevation, and there's an all-new view for this as well, so let's see if we can get that.

Watchos 10 Compass

There we go. We have an all-new hiking view with waypoints in a 3D map view, and what this does is give us not only waypoints but also a waypoint where we last had cellular connectivity. So that's something they've brought within the view of the compass, and it also gives us more information regarding the Trail information. There are new topographic maps, so if you want to go for a walk here, you could do that and retrace your steps, and then if we tap the I here, of course, it. It will give our Direction and more, so that's a new view overall within Maps or our compass, and if we scroll, you'll see it changes here as well. So that's something that they've updated. It's a nice update here. You'll see as we zoom in and out. It changes here as well.

Watchos 10 New Watch aces

We'll go through some other apps in a moment within this update, but we also have some new watch faces. If we scroll over, you'll see we have a new Palette Watch face with many different colors, so you'll know as we scroll through. There we go, and as I said, it's a little bit buggy, but as we scroll through, you have different colors such as gray, cream, Iris, Emerald, Azure, and wisteria, and you can go through all the different colors here, whichever one suits your taste. 

Then you can add more colors, so maybe we'll pick this one and swipe over. We can add our complications around the outside edge and add whatever you'd like for your complication. The next one is Snoopy. They've brought this back as a commemoration of the original Apple watch, and you'll see we have some different options as far as Styles here so that you can have other numbers and nothing at all. Whatever suits your taste and, again, different colors, and let's go down here, and that's it.

No complications on this one, but you'll see Peppermint Patty. We have them named after different characters. We have a beached teal blanket, blue Lucy, blue newspaper, and more. So lots of nice updates here with this watch face. I like the Palette Watch face. It looks great.

Watchos 10 More App Updates

Now if we go back out, we have many different app updates. As I said, only some things are entirely overhauled if we go into activity. Still, there are a lot of updates, so if we go into action here, it's pretty much the same, but they've utilized some additional areas for more complications or other updates. If we go down, we have alarms you'll see there again. It looks a little different. If we go into the App Store and give that a second to load, you'll see the loading screen was a little different, and this is taking a moment on both of them. We'll hit continue on the other Watch again. It just has a different look to it overall. So a minor update here but a few changes with the App Store. You can see it on the contact card.

Watchos 10 Contacts

It looks different, and the one other thing you can do is name drop that has to do with contacts, and another thing with contacts is with Watch Os 10. Later on, you'll be able to touch the Watch faces together to share a connection. This is part of Ios 17, so that's an excellent way to transfer contacts; you'll see it here.

It keeps resetting. When I go back into the overall app drawer here, it resets to the top repeatedly, so that's annoying. Let's see if we go into some other apps and within Maps. There's a default view that's changed as well, and what you'll see is we have the map on the right with Watch

Watchos 10 Maps

Os 9. it just goes to a search screen. You also have the option for offline maps in the map app, which you can download on Ios 17, which will carry over to the Watch itself. The main screen of messages looks different as well.

Watchos 10 Messages

We have our favorites here on Watch Os 10, whereas before, we just had our view of all of our different texts, you can change it to that, but it defaults to the favorites view now and within mindfulness.

Watchos 10 Mindfulness

We also have an update where we have a state of mind where we can log our health as far as our mood and how we feel throughout the day. That's something new with Ios 17 that they've also brought to the Watch, so you can log it right from here. So it's a minor update, but it is a little bit different, and again, it looks different in the app as well.

To go along with help, Apple has added a new Vision Health section to the health app, which goes along with a family member or child's Apple Watch to help reduce myopia or nearsightedness.

Watchos 10 Vision Health

Typically it starts in childhood, and it encourages you to spend more time in daylight so you can see the section about it here, the role of sunlight in your health. It helps with Eye Health, so it encourages you to stay outside and uses the ambient light sensor to measure how long you've been in daylight. You can set this up in your family settings on Apple Watch when your child's Apple Watch is updated to watch Os 10. This is a nice feature with a screen distance indicator for a child or your device. And within screen time, you have screen distance to reduce eye strain. It will let you know when the device is too close, so it goes along with the overall Vision Health added for all the devices. If we go into noise, you'll see this.

Watchos 10 More app redesigns

Looks different as well. It's completely redesigned. It looks much nicer this time around. You'll see the news. It's a little different also so that we can scroll through, and it's more of a full-screen view optimized for the entire screen of the Watch. Instead of having top stories and more, we see what we care about within podcasts. It looks different as well. We have different views if we go back. Of course, we've got our library, and, of course, listen now with some nice new animations, and then we have our now playing screen that looks different, just like Apple Music, also within timers. We have an update here, but it seems more like this on Apple Watch Ultra. But you can see there's a slight update to timers. You'll see Weather also has an update where it has a charming look.

Watchos 10 Weather

It's the entire screen as we scroll through with the Digital Crown. We have more information, so it has a much nicer look overall, and it's really fitting the Watch better this time than we previously had. Also, I forgot to sleep, so sleep looks different, with more information that's easier to read, and even the world clock gets an update. We have nice animations with different views, and it just looks much nicer overall on Apple Watch. Now we get an additional workout update, which has to do with cycling.

Watchos 10 Cycling

So if you're using workouts and this keeps resetting to the top. Still, suppose you're using activities on your Watch. In that case, they've updated cycling to track more information, so you can pair it with Bluetooth accessories to give you more information about Cadence, speed, and power. 

You also have power zones that have been added for cycling. Additionally, if you start a cycling workout on the Watch, it should show as a live activity on the iPhone, so we'll hit continue, and it should send that information to the iPhone. I'm still determining if this works, but let's see what we've got here. I don't see it yet, so it may not be working. But the cycling workout should work and give you information such as speed and more as far as that goes.

Now to go along with workouts, there are also some updates with Apple Fitness Plus, so if we go into our fitness app, go to Fitness Plus, give it a second to load.

Watchos 10 Fitness

We now have custom plans, so we can customize a different program, build your project based on what you want to work out, what time of day, and what day, and maybe do other things in a row. Cycling one day, meditation the next, Pilates the day after that, and you can create this however you'd like, and that carries over to your Watch. You can also stack those multiple workouts so you can see them here as well.

Watchos 10 FaceTime

In Ios 17, I showed when you place a FaceTime call, if the other person doesn't pick up, you'll have the option to leave a message for them. You can now view those on the iPhone and the Apple Watch as they come through, so I'm in. Do not disturb me now, but let's see if it works, and you'll see I missed a FaceTime call. You'll see it here. I can call back, message, or dismiss. It still needs to show my letter, but it may offer. I haven't gotten this to work correctly across all devices as it seems buggy with Watch Os 10 and Ios 17, but it should work in the future now.

Additional to all the different things I've already shown, Apple has added Mdm configuration profiles, so if you're in an Enterprise environment, some other corporations can configure these as mobile device-managed devices and also deploy internal apps to them and configure Vpns for their Watch to connect to.

Watchos 10 Enterprise

So that's something with Watch Os 10. Now, Apple will continue to release these betas and continue to update and refine this over time, and it's going to be pretty good as it's relatively fast so far. However, if you're wondering if you should install Watch Os 10, I highly recommend against it as there's only one way to revert after bringing it to Apple.

Should you install watchOS 10 Betas?

Also, battery life and other things, such as bugs, may be wrong. We don't know yet, as it's only been out for a day. So far, it is okay. I'm down to 93. Battery and speed are all right. You've seen things. Different apps and things load on here, and they are doing okay.

But in general, I don't recommend betas, especially early ones. I would wait for the public beta. As far as Ios 17, the same thing holds there. Wait for the public beta for that.

And now, if you've found anything else in Watch Os 10, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


Of course, there are different animations and little changes throughout, and I'll have a follow-up video with Ios 17 on the weekend with more features. If I find anything else in the Watch, I'll be sure to share it there to get your hands on this wallpaper; this is actually from Mac Os Sonoma. 

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