Honor Magic V2 Review

 Honor Magic V2 Review - Today, we are checking out the sequel to the Honor Magic Vs on his first foldable phone. Somewhat confusingly, it's not called the Honor Magic Vs2. It's just called the Honor Magic V2. Of course, you can expect me to call it the Honor Magic Vs2 through this bloody post and do be sure to point it out in the comments below as well because I love it when that happens now. The Honor Magic V2 boasts upgraded specs and a sexy new Slimline design. 

So, is this the affordable alternative you've been looking for? Let's whip it on out of the Box and then through the wonders of video editing. We'll skip forward over a week, and I will deliver my in-depth review after I have my Sim slapped in the bugger for that whole time and more on the latest and most excellent Tech. What else is included in the Almighty box besides the Honor Magic V2 then?

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Honor Magic V2 Review

Honor Magic V2 Review Unboxing

Well, you've also got a 66-watt Supercharger adapter, a Type C USB cable, and you've also got yourself a protective bumper case; this doesn't just protect your shining on a Magic V2; It's also got a little flip-out stand bit, it also will hopefully stop the amount of wobble that's going on when you lay the Honor Magic V2 flat on a Surface. Oh, spoiler alert, it does not, and there you have it. That is everything you get chucked inside the Box along with the Honor Magic V2. Job done. All right. So it's been around two whole weeks since I shot that lovely unboxing section you just watched, and I've been using the Honor Magic V2 as my full-time smartphone. The Honor Magic V2 is hence incredibly thin and light.

Honor Magic V2 Design

It weighs just 231 grams and is 30 grams lighter than the Magic. It's about the same as Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra. It's lighter than some of those fragging iPhone bricks, which is mental when you consider there's an entire extra phone hidden inside this generation of Bendy magic spots.

an upgraded titanium hinge, and a significantly Slimmer design, just 10 ish millimeters when folded up there. There is no Gap whatsoever, making the Honor Magic V2 thinner than any other full-sized foldable. And it's hard to explain just how satisfying that unfurl and action is. It's Creamy smooth. There's Absolutely no awkwardness, no stiffness. Since I keep doing this in public, I've received some real sideways looks. People must think it's some weird fetish.

The front end of the Honor Magic V2 is quartered in a nanocrystal glass, which is highly shatter resistant, and indeed, this smartphone's been banged about a fair bit this past Fortnight. Noise shoes at all because you also have a pre-installed screen protector, which helps. That has quite a few scratches quartered in it. Now, this means the display beneath is hunky-dory. The Magic V2 is now available in purple, gold, or black.  That purple one is lovely, quite a subtle shade. 

As for water resistance, well, there's no official IP rating for the Honor Magic V2, so don't drop it in a pool, bath, sink, or anything like that. It'll probably get completely bollocks. That seems pretty tolerant of crappy British weather, so that's always a bonus. Now that the exterior display is a 6.43-inch OLED, I've enjoyed using it.

Honor Magic V2 External screen

You've got a 20x9 aspect to reassure. Thankfully, it could be more stupidly skinny than the Galaxy Z Fold 5's external display. Although not quite as pleasantly squat as the Pixel Fold, that standard aspect ratio means that apps run well. Typing is a comfortable experience; you have a 2376 by 1060 pixel resolution. Some visuals are perfectly crisp as Bug Roll; it's your stream and support in the likes of Netflix. That may change for the final retail version, but it doesn't matter because the contrast is still crispy.

Gorgeous! I got Inky blacks, natural-looking skin tones, and lovely poppy, vibrant colours when kicking back with anime. I also found that the Magic V2's external display was super bright, ideal for outdoor use, and it's an Ltpr panel, maxing out at 120 Hertz refresh. So overall, as stunning as you would expect from a premium device like the Honor Magic V2 and then unfill this Almighty bugger, you've got a 7.92-inch internal Oled display.

Honor Magic V2 Internal screen

That's a perfect size and shape for multitasking, though more on that in a bit and also for smashing through some Mangrove on the move and just reading it. Unlike many of these Almighty foldables, the crease here is almost nonexistent, like James Corden's talent. I swear I only noticed that crease when browsing an app with a perfectly white background. And even then, it's only when you're not viewing the screen head-on, so 2344 by 2156 pixel resolution. 

It's just as sharp as most rival foldables, and It's once again Ld Pure Tech 120 Hertz Max with pleasing contrast wide viewing angles. Like all these foldable, you have a shiny protector covering that screen. And sure, this does become rather grimy when you use the Honor Magic V2 quite a bit, but it rarely becomes apparent. But when you're outdoors in bright Sunshine trying to do so, you notice those grubby prints all over it, which is a little minging. However, thankfully, that brightness when you max it out is eye-searing, so I had no trouble seeing exactly what it was doing on the Honor Magic V2's internal panel.

Even in a country where the weather doesn't suck, you also have a pair of beefy stereo speakers, which are great for chilling with her movie. You can't be bothered to plug in some headphones. Thankfully, I haven't encountered any Bluetooth connectivity problems at all. 

 Flawless stream into headphone speakers. You got full Dtsx Ultra support if you fancy a bit of that. As for the software, that's on board.

Honor Magic V2 Magic OS

Well, as usual, that's good old Magic Os slapped on Android 13. this comes complete with a couple of years of OS and security updates. It's not quite as tight as what you get with some Rivals like Samsung, Oneplus, and Google, but at least it's better than nothing. Some aspects of Magic Os, like the control centre for quickly activating, do not disturb aeroplane mode. And I dislike some other bits, like not being able to drag down the notifications bar from wherever I bloody well like and I've banged on.

Enough about Magic West and other Honour videos, but as far as the foldable phone experience goes here, it's a step up from the original Honor Magic vs Not quite as good as what you'll get on a Galaxy Z fold.

Honor Magic V2 Multitasking

However, first of all, skipping between the internal panel and that external screen. Nice and simple. No heartaches whatsoever; flip it open, flip it closed, and what you have been up to will just pop up on the other screen. And yeah, even if you're using two apps side by side on that internal panel when you close the Magic V2 up, you'll have a bit of split-screen action, although a wee bit more cramped. And fortunately, apps function very well on this enormous internal screen.

 I didn't see so much random shonkery as I did on the pixel fold. However, when you want to do a bit of split-screen action, it takes more time and effort here on the Honor Magic V2 than on the Galaxy Z Fold Five, but you soon get used to it. YSimply tap this marijuana bar up here to activate split-screen mode.ou can just give this weed bar up here a quick tap and launch split-screen mode. You'll then be shown a list of compatible split-screen apps on the right-hand side.

So, let's get Chrome on the go. You can drag and drop if you want to swap them around at any point. If you want to swap one of them out, swipe down, and again, you'll be presented with that menu of apps. As always, you can quickly and easily resize to give one of the apps a line share of that screen space.

Unfortunately, you can only split the screen between two apps. It is just two at a time. However, you can open up a third app just as a little pop-up window like Source. You can run three apps on the screen simultaneously if you see a desire. But it's easier to have these floating windows shunted off to the side so they're not getting right in the way.

However, the Honor Magic V2 has a significant flaw in that the screen cannot be divided horizontally. You can only do it vertically, which isn't ideal if you want to use half of that display to catch up on social media, emails, or something else while watching a little YouTube or the Sky. So, unfortunately, it means your video is all cramped up, and of course, you've got a picture-in-picture that supports the maps, but again, you're relegated to a tiny dinky wee window. 

And then, of course, there are honours hover mods. Now, to activate this, all you have to do is bend the phone a bit while you're watching a video on the likes of YouTube, and as you can see, this then automatically fills one half of the screen with your video while sticking some media controls and other bits down below it's Pretty good if you want to sort of skip a little bit through a video or just quickly pause it like so. 

However, the timeline at the bottom is a bit fiddly and unresponsive and occasionally, when swiping out, is accidentally skipped to a different app. Additionally, that hinge is obviously less rigid than certain rivals, like as the Galaxy Z Fold 5, making it incredibly smooth and pleasant. However, when you are propping it open, you can only reach a limited number of angles at once. We're typically talking about 100 to 110 degrees, after which it will either immediately open or do so gradually. But hey, it's

No biggie, I made it work and never really got too frustrated. I had to hold the phone very far away from me, with the exception of a few times when Skyping, so it could see more than just my nipples. I want to emphasize that I don't typically use Skype to connect in a nudist manner. I am honored. I've also been quite liberal with my storage.

Two hundred fifty-six gigs or 512 gigs, No 128 gig bollocks. If you purchase the Ultimate Edition on the fly, you can even acquire a terabyte model. Now running the show here on the Honor Magic V2 is

Honor Magic V2 Performance & gaming

Qualcomm's Mighty Snapdragon It's Gen 2. Almost every Flagship smartphone that was released in 2023 had me inside of it. and that's supported by sixteen gigabytes (gig) of pant-wetting RAM. Thus, regular performance is just as seamless.

On further in action. While Android games run beautifully, a foldable is less than ideal for enjoying mobile titles, especially with online Deathmatch and Battle Royale Shenanigans, where your field of view is crushed unless you stick with the external screen. But the Honor Magic V2 can maintain a stable frame rate, even on higher graphic settings in Gentian Impact. While the ultra-thin Viper Chamber cooling system keeps this foldable from getting hot under the collar, you can get a little bit toasty up towards the top end here, but nothing too Troublesome. And certainly no throttling at that performance. And also thankfully, these past two weeks I haven't seen any connectivity issues here on the Honor Magic V2, even when I was buggering off abroad. Meanwhile, a super skinny silicon carbon battery is stuffed inside of that slender frame.

Honor Magic V2 Battery life

It's roughly credit card-sized, yet you still get a 5,000-milliamp hour capacity, the same as the previous generation of Honor Magic foldable. That's because of its extreme power density, which is mental. So it's not entirely shocking that the Honor Magic V2 has the best battery life of any full-sized foldable I've reviewed. That includes the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Pixel Fold in a few days. They would be dead by the time I was snuggled up with Teddy and had finished testing both of those.

 I'd have to stick a cable in them to charge them up for 10 or 15 minutes, getting a little extra power to make it through an entire day. Still, I never had that issue once with the Honor Magic V2. Even as there's plenty of screen on time with that internal screen using them Outdoors, the brightness was maxed out. With more stairs, I'd end up with at least 20 per cent battery life remaining in the tank.

And even better news, if you did need to do an emergency recharge with the Honor Magic V2, you've got 66-watt comprehensive charging so that you won't be hanging around; stick your cable in it for 10 minutes. Usually, you'll have enough to last you for a few hours. However, unlike some of its more premium-priced Rivals, wireless charging support is available here.

Honor Magic V2 Camera

The camera setup here is a Triple Threat, headlined by a 50-megapixel shooter with Optical image stabilization in auto mode. This proves pleasingly Dependable on par with the Samsung Galaxy Z-fold in most situations.

Don't stress about Sunshine, as the Honor Magic V2 can handle HDR perfectly well. Your photos will boast poppy blue skies with plenty of detail in those darker sections, similar to what you'd get with an iPhone, and even if you shift indoors, you can still expect realistic colours and not a noticeable amount of grin. However, that depth of focus can be pretty shallow when you're shooting a nearby subject.

As long as your subject is motionless, you should use the night mode in the nights because the auto mode may struggle to maintain clean images. You've also got full-on Pro controls on this bad boy, which can help out in low-light situations or if you want a specific shot. You have all the usual bonus bits, including a respectable portrait mode and an aperture mode if you're shooting close-ups, which produce some suitably horrific, bulky action.

The Honor Magic V2 is an ultra-angle shooter and a 50 Meg effort, so you'll still get sharp picks packed with detail. Although this doesn't cope well in less-than-ideal shooting conditions and low light, it can be particularly chunky, so it is best avoided. Last up, you've got yourself a 20-meg telephoto Snapper with Optical image stabilization, and this is fine if you zoom in around three to five times, but any further than that, you will get quite fuzzy results. And the Honor Magic V2 can also struggle to focus on your subject when it's at a distance. Here's hoping a software update can sort that out soon.

The Honor Magic V2 also shoots up to 4K resolution video. At that maxed-out resolution, you will enjoy relatively short visuals, although the stabilization isn't as robust as what you would get with the likes of Samsung, Google, Etc. Hand trimmers are all too noticeable, and you won't want to move around and shoot simultaneously. Therefore, you do not want to shoot video while on a beer bike experience unless you enjoy motion sickness. Maybe don't go on a beer bike, or you'll be very wet and stinking of cheap lager again. Do not zoom in too far when shooting video if you are swapping to that telephoto lens while filming, as you will find things get somewhat grainy rather suddenly.

But when necessary, pinching in a little bit is useful. I did experience some audio issues when I was shooting video with the Honor Magic V2. Still, it's either a fault with my review unit or some software in January that will be sorted out for the full retail version. And last up, that 16 Meg selfie camera is decent for those shareable shots that can cope with solid backlight and Etc. No worries and it isn't too chunky in the dark.

Of course, one of the joys of a foldable phone is that you can open it up and use that rear camera to take selfies instead. Although certainly on these full-sized foldables, it can be slightly awkward and clunky. Unfortunately, the Honor Magic V2 makes it even more of a pain in the ass because while you can get a bit of a preview on that cover screen, you can't use it to take photos. There's no shutter button; there's no Palm gesture support. You can even use hand gestures to take selfies with the actual selfie cam but not the rear cam. So your best bet is to turn on the smile shutter, which works fine as long as you actually feel like smiling.

And here's our selfie with the 50-meg rear cam. Compared with the 16 Meg selfie effort. So, right there is my review of the Honor Magic V2.


And as I mentioned at the beginning of this review section, I bloody really dig it. I'd happily leave my SIM stuffed inside of there even though the software experience isn't as good as what you get on Samsung's Galaxy Z fold 5, and the camera Tech is not quite as good as that pixel fold. But what wins it for me is the gorgeous, stunning, super skinny design across the fantastic battery life, which is ultra-dependable. It got super smooth performance, slick media chops and everything as well. So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what Honor does next. This is my assessment of the Honor Magic V2. Be gritty with your thoughts down in the comments below. 

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