Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Review 2023

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G - Hello there, you ravishing human beings. I'm Chris from Tanks Bird, and today's hot slice of multimedia action is all about Samsung's Galaxy A34 5G. Now the Galaxy Ear 34 is an absolute bargain as long as it doesn't suck, as this mid-range mobile boasts a Punchy AMOLED screen, stereo speakers, a beefy chipset, and a massive battery all wrapped up in a thoroughly water-resistant frame. And yet, despite these impressive creds when I shot this video, you could go on Samsung's website and pick up one of these bad boys, the 256 gig model or less, for just 299 quid. That's 100 pounds off the Rrp, which is freaking nuts.

But anyway, let's whip the Galaxy A34 out of the box, and then through the magical mysteries of video editing, we're going to dodge forward in about a week so I can deliver my full review and for more on the latest and most excellent Tech. Please do Pog, subscribe, and ding that notifications Bell Cheers! Alright, let's bust that seal wide open.

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Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Review 2023

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Unboxing

So inside of the rather skinny box, you get one Galaxy A34 5G, a Type C to Type C, a USB cable, a Porky Pin thingy to get your Sim in there, and as usual, that is this. No power adapters; you will have to provide your own. All right. So fast forward a few days, and I've been using the Samsung Galaxy A34 as my full-time phone, and it doesn't suck.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G  Design

Not only does it not suck, but I rather like it. But anyway, let's start with the design. I've got no real issues with how the Galaxy A34 looks and feels. It seems suitably intelligent and well put together. One of the only accurate indicators that this is a more budget-friendly smartphone is that you've got that old-school nipple Notch up top that is exceedingly rare in 2023. Often the selfie cams are coming in a little floaty orifice thing, and yeah, you've got pretty chunky bezels surrounding that display, but no worse than the Pixel 7ier, to be fair, which costs 450 quid. And yeah, the Galaxy A34 is 6.6 inches or a bit of a beast, especially with those bezels adding on some extra girth, but it still feels comfortable to clutch thanks to the rounded edges and Corners. Not too chunky, as you can see there. You do have a plastic frame, and then if we flip it around, the ascent is constructed from Glass Stick, a Samsung favorite. It's a weird glass-plastic hybrid.

It feels rather plasticky, but you have a smudge-resistant matte finish here on the Galaxy E34, unlike the shiny A54, so I prefer this one. Seriously, you can finger this thing all day long, and it occasionally gets a bit smudgy, especially if you've had chicken wings for lunch or something. But a quick buffing and it's back to looking bright and neat.

Right here is the Violet model, which is bold and pretty in your face. You can also grab the Samsung Galaxy A34 in silver, graphite, and lime. And yeah, that lime model is pretty tasty as well, but I already covered the A54 lime version, so I thought I'd mix it up a bit, and I do like how the color stays consistent, extending from the back end to that frame and touch wood.

The Galaxy Ear 34 seems pretty Hardy after a whole week of use. No scratches or Nicks on that back end of the frame and nothing on that screen either, Though. As always, check a screen protector to be sure. And I do love Samsung's dedication to water resistance as well. The Galaxy A34 Ip67 is rated so that you can drop it into a sink, bath, or whatever, and it'll be fine. Tickety Bloody Boo! The software won't be surprising.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G  Features & OneUI 5

To Samsung smartphone fans, it's Android 13 with Sumizo, not one Ui 5.1 launcher slapped on top like a great big splodge of whipped cream on top of a custard tart. Some people might like that extra whipped cream; others might think the custard tart was already tasty and sugary enough. Without it, I'm somewhere in between some of the usual Samsung Shenanigans I'm not a fan of, such as the fact that they have replicated every Android service and app. 

So Samsung has its own bright or map on Nfc, contactless payment service, Health tracking app, store, and AI assistant. Stuff that Android already does perfectly well. And you may prefer the Samsung version. That's perfectly fine. I think it's redundant, but you can get rid of most of these Samsung apps if you don't use them—one of the only exceptions being Bixby, which refuses to bugger off. On the flip side, Samsung doesn't mess with Android too much, so you've still got the likes of the Google Discover feed you've got your apps tray. I'll be in a slightly Samsung chunky format.

You've also got additional security and privacy tools on top of the already solid Android foundations, and no real complaints about that in-display fingerprint sensor. It's not the fastest acting around, that's for sure. Occasionally takes a couple of TAPS if you don't quite get the pressure right, but like 19 times out of 20, you'll tap your finger, and you'll be into your desktop suddenly if your fingers are wet or grubby that you have any real issues. You've also got yourself a reasonably Dependable bit of Face Unlock to back up that fingerprint sensor. If you are wearing gloves, your hands are Mucky, tends to work all right as long as you're not in chunky light.

And speaking of Shonky, I noticed a bit of Jank on the Galaxy Air 34 in my first week. With it, nothing has given me hot pal petitions or anything. But for instance, I'll go to turn off Do not Disturb, and instead, the Galaxy A34 will bring up the Bluetooth menu for core reasons or ultimately have a fit and crash on me. And I wouldn't see that one Ui runs super fluidly either, but more on that when I bang on about performance. But most of the time, the Samsung Galaxy A34 has been behaving itself, and I'm sure some of these little bugs and quirks will be wiped out in future updates.

Speaking of which, Samsung is still one of the best manufacturers around for promising Os and security updates. You're getting years of cover from this thing, just like you would with a Google smartphone. There are no worries there at all. And if you are a fan of Samsung phones, you know what you're getting here. All of the usual Samsung apps and services, just like you would if you were spunking out on a Samsung Flagship. And great news if you like Disney pluses, crunchy rolls, and whatnot.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G  Display & audio

The Samsung Galaxy A34 spots a gorgeous 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display, and all their Tech is becoming increasingly common at this sort of mid-range price point, which is great to see because you can expect poppier colors, nice deep black, and sharp contrast. Sadly the Galaxy A34 doesn't support Hdr stream and certainly not in the likes of Netflix. However, I still found those visuals pleasingly lifelike with that sharp contrast of natural-looking colors. 

When I was streaming content on the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus, you've got a full Hd Plus resolution. So your photos, every frame of every video packed with fine detail. Not only that but also the brightness has been boosted versus the previous generation. So now Max is out at around a thousand nits. Indeed, I had no issues seeing what was happening when I had the phone outdoors, and that sun was beaming on that shiny surface. And this panel maxes out at 120-hertz refresh as well. So any supported apps look creamy smooth as long as the performance can keep up.

And it's weird having that nipple Notch up top, but thankfully it doesn't poke too much into whatever you're watching when you go full screen. We're certainly not talking about iPhone levels of shindiggery here, that's for sure.

You've also got a stereo speaker in the Samsung Galaxy A34, and it's a bit of a belter. Again, for this mid-range price point, let's check it out and beefy and can keep you amused wherever you roam.

I know I'm not talking about the contents of my pants; I'm talking about Zeus's Rog Ally. Now I like to watch stuff in my kitchen when I'm cooking, and usually, I've got ventilation fans on the go. all kinds of stuff. It's hard to hear what's happening, but I rarely had to plug in some headphones with the Galaxy A34 because those speakers are pretty Ruddy-loud. Still Remains respectable. You've got a reasonable amount of balance between the top speaker and the bottom speaker. Still, the bottom speaker is pulling a bit more weight, staffing out extra audio compared with the top one; however, if you were hoping that the Galaxy A34 would have a headphone jack, well, hanky's at the ready because, nope, it's Bluetooth all the way, sadly, although I've had no issues whatsoever.

Streaming wirelessly to headphones, all speakers from the smartphone, and yeah, you got full Dolby Atmos support as usual, including a bit of equalizer action if you want to mess around with the settings, and Samsung has choked you either 128 or 256 gigs of storage depending on which model you go for.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G  Storage & connectivity

I've been taking up some of the photos and videos I shot on the Galaxy A34 to free up space. Still, as usual, a large chunk of this is taken up with Bloody Gentian Impact. The excellent news is that the Samsung Galaxy A34 will accept a Micro Sd memory card in that second Sim slot if you want to expand the storage to one terabyte. However, there is no E-sim support here on a Galaxy A34, unlike the slightly more expensive A54.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G  Performance & gaming

Now running the show on Samsung's Galaxy A34 is MediaTek's dimensionally 1080 chipsets backed by 8 gigs of RAM. Now that 1080 was previously found in sconced smartphones such as the Real Me 10 Pro Plus and Xiaomi's Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus. 

And suddenly, this makes for a reasonably smooth run on the Samsung Galaxy A34. Still, I have seen the occasional chunkiness during Everyday Use when flipping between a couple of apps or bringing up that Google Discover feed, which can be a very judges experience at times, just a little bit of junk where everything pulls from a bit. It's alright, but the Galaxy Air 34 could be smoother than the Pixel 7 Air, The Nothing Phone. Quite a lot of other Rivals around this price, and if you like a bit of mobile gaming, the Galaxy A34 can easily handle the Pubgs and the Call of Duties of this world. I'll tell you what: this bad boy can even Blaze through some Gentian Impact. Blaze, you've got to have it on the lowest possible graphic settings, and even then, you'll see the occasional frame rate.

Jitteriness is that word? jitteriness? The primary, occasionally the bed, but they're still perfectly playable. The touch responsiveness gets a thumbs up. And even better, the Galaxy A34 does not heat up under pressure, even when you're gaming on the likes of Gentian for well over an hour. This thing doesn't even begin to get touristy so you won't see any performance throttling or anything like that.

And yeah, you do have gaming Wards here on the Samsung Galaxy A34. It's the usual Samsung Shenanigans; you can only do a small amount with it. You can take a screenshot, record your footage, and get the priority mode on the go. Let's ensure that the game takes Center Stage against the hog share of the resources and everything and blocks notifications. So well worth turning on when you are gaming.

So Battery Life and a Samsung reckon you will get two full days of use at the Galaxy A34 when that 5 000 milliamp hour capacity cell is charged.

Battery life

And unsurprisingly, that's a massive heap of Badges of bollocks. Or at least it is unless you're occasionally checking your emails and then spend the rest of the time gears and a door only at this thing. However, the battery life is Sublime here on the Galaxy Ear34. From a full charge in the Modern, I've never struggled to make it even through the longest, most arduous days until I'm all tucked up with Teddy at night. With some Skyping, we're talking at least seven hours of screen time. Lots of camera play and video streaming. These are streaming in the background pretty much anything your wonderful little heart desires. So most days, I ended with still about a quarter charge in the tank.

It is, unfortunately, recharging. Not the nippiest hit on the Galaxy The Air 34. It's 25-watt wired charging, so it'll take over an hour to recharge fully. And there's no wireless charging support on this bad boy, either.

Now, of course, Samsung smartphones are well known for their Optics, and the Galaxy A34 Sports a triple-lens setup just like the S23, But naturally, we're talking about very different Hardware here.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G  Camera

So you've got a 48-megapixel primary sensor with Optical image stabilization, backed by a basic 8-megapixel ultrawide angle shooter and a pointless 5-megapixel macro lens.

Now, the shutter speed here on the Samsung Galaxy A34 is reasonably nippy. It doesn't take long to latch onto a face or some other subject. Your main problem is processing speeds, especially if you're shooting portrait shots, as these take a little longer to process. So if you're trying to snap multiple portrait shots quickly, you'll likely wait a few seconds between each one. That's not ideal when shooting pets or small children, but other well-grown subjects will hopefully be a bit stiller. Well, in the case of Veronica here. Very very still. And then you get that lovely, gorgeous bokeh style effect, which you can change post-processing.

Now, when I was using the photo board here on the Galaxy A34, my photos came out well. As long as the lighting conditions weren't too dodgy, the A34 can generally handle a little bit of contrast, and some bright backdrop action, for instance, in more ambient light, and quite a lot of my photos were softer. You certainly get a lot of noise and grain creeping in when that lighting is shallow, And while there is an automatically activated Knight Wards, which can help to brighten up your snaps a bit, there's only so much that it can do.

As always with Samsung smartphones, you have plenty of other bonus mods to play around with, including the fun mods over Onika that suit you. Although this is just Jesus Christ doesn't even know what this is, it will be in my dreams and nightmares tonight, that's for sure. However, some of these could keep you amused for hours if you're three years old or on all the drugs, and those other bonus pets include the obligatory food mod.

You've got a dedicated Pro mode if you want to tweak the likes of the Iso levels, the white balance the focus, and then you can quickly and easily swap to that Ultra wide-angle shooter at any point. If you want a more dramatic angle or just to fit more into the frame, the more section is also where you'll find the macro mode to use that third and final lens. Instead, I'd take a regular shot with the primary sensor and crop in, but each to their run. And if you like to shoot horror movies, swap to that video mode. You can shoot 4K resolution footage at just 30 frames per second. There is no 60 Fps option unless you drop it down to full Hd resolution. Samsung phones are usually pretty good at capturing home movies, and the Galaxy A34 is more limited than its more expensive siblings but still does a decent job. You've got some crisper visuals on that 4K resolution mod. Image stabilization is proper; you can move and shoot without worrying.

The audio capture is vital in all directions, but things do fall apart again in lower light, so I'll stick to the excellent lighting. And then if we swap around to that camera house in we nipple Notch up top, it's a 13-megapixel selfie shooter, and it's again a similar story to the canvas slapped on the ass end. As long as the lighting isn't too ropey, you should get a good look and snap with plenty of detail packed in there a bit too much, but in lower light, you will get somewhat grainy results unless you use the Blind and screen flash feature. You can shoot 4K Ultra Hd footage using that front-facing camera as well, which is pretty rare at this price point, so it's good to see again. Audio capture is satisfactory, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy E34's built-in mics. If you want to do a bit of vlogging, it'll do the job right there.

My Lovelies is my full unboxing and one-week review of Samsung's Galaxy Air 34 5G.


And besides some performance jankiness and Ui shonkiness, it's been a delightful experience. If you are a stickler in performance, you do a lot of gaming on your smartphones, but I suggest trying and upgrading to the Galaxy A54 instead. And, of course, there are lots of big rivals out there. Like the Pixel 70 with its impressive camera Tech, but if you are a semi-fan looking for a more affordable handset, the A34 will do the job, so that's what I reckon.

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