Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Review 2023

 Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Review 2023 - The Amazon Fire devices are a good bet if you're after an affordable family tablet. Although the Fire Max 11 is the biggest and most expensive of the bunch, it'll cost you just over 200 in the States; although the price has been bumped up to 250 quid here in Blighty, this Mighty slab boasts a massive pin shop screen. 

You've got Stellar battery life and support some pretty nifty accessories, so let's whip it out of the box. Going to test it out and take you on a full tour for more on the latest and greatest take. Please do pug, subscribe, and ding those notifications Bell! Cheers! So first up, what do you get stashed in this big old box besides the Firemax 11?

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Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Review 2023

What's in the box?

Well, you've got yourself a 9-watt power adapter, a USB power cable, a Porky Pin device, and a quick start guide, and that's your whack. If you fancy a keyboard case or a stylus pen, those will cost you extra. So the Amazon Fire Max 11 is a massive 11-inch tablet, as the name heavily suggests.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Design

Thankfully, the bezels surrounding that display are reasonably skinny, so it isn't unnecessarily large. The only problem with these Weenie bezels is that it's very easy for your thumbs to accidentally go straight onto the very edge of the screen, at which point the responsiveness gets completely bulked up.

This Taboo is a Badger's ball under half a kilo, so it is quite light for something this size. Unless you have massive hands clutching it around the back, it is particularly comfortable because it's so big that I could already feel my fingers being pulled out of the joint.

And don't worry too much if you pass off the Amazon Fire Max 11 to your wins because that front end has been protected with strengthened aluminous silicate glass.

Aluminous silicates. You can take a proper pounding; meanwhile, flip it over, and you've got yourself a solidly constructed aluminium ass. This is made from 55 recycled materials, which is the one available right here. Colour grey and strap me down because I'm about to lose it over that sexy design.

The Fireman 11's back end has a pleasing and soft-touch finish, but as you can see, there ever so swiftly gathers up greasy fingerprints and other scuff marks. So not a good one if you're super precious about all of your things looking nice and neat and pristine at all times. So let's briefly tour all the ports, buttons, Etc.


Most of the action is happening over here. On the right edge, you've got your power button, volume rocker, Type C, USB port, and memory card slot. You can yank This Out With a Little Help from that Porky Pin device that Amazon's stuffed and then shove a Micro Sd memory card to expand the storage. And the rest of the 5 Max 11.

 Pretty straightforwards. Down below, you've just got the connector pins for attaching the keyboard dock pair of stereo speakers up top. Now, the fact you have that fingerprint sensor built into that power button means you don't need to mess around with pins or passwords whenever you want to boot up the Fire Max 11.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet FireOS & features

Tap your finger against that power button, and it'll pop to life and the fight.

Max 11 doesn't run Google, Android or anything like that. It runs Amazon's own Fire or S quite a different Beast, unsurprisingly geared around Amazon's products and services. And the Flymax 11 will serve you ads unless you pay Amazon an extra tenor when you purchase the tablet to take those ads away. A bit cheeky when you're spending this amount on a device.

 I've got the version without an ad, so I can't tell you how intrusive these things are, whether it's worth the extra 10 pounds, but it probably would be. It's like freaking hate ads, even though that's how I make money and therefore don't have to get a real job.

But yeah, if you've never used a Fire tablet before, all your apps are served on the main screen. There are all kinds of apps tree or anything like what you get on Android and up top. Here you've got a shortcuts bar which allows you to jump straight back into whatever you were doing and act as a hey; you might be interested in this stuff that we've got on Amazon Services. If you swipe right, You've also got an expanded version of this bar.

Lots of popular apps and games and films and stuff. If you can get it if you took more money at Amazon and then if you were to swipe left. This is all the stuff. You already own your library. So Kindle books, apps, and games are audible. The whole lot is represented here, and it's fully customizable as well. You can swap around the order they appear in or hide some stuff you're not bothered about. For instance, I sadly no longer have Prime Video, so that I will get rid of that raw and poof, it disappears.

You've also got a handy search bar up top which you can use to search the internet, the device itself, and an Android-style notifications tab that you can pull down. This will show you any emails or anything that have popped in since you last checked. You've also got fast access to many toggles, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Etc. So as you can see, heavily centred around Amazon's services. If you don't use the likes of Prime Video or the Kindle Store audible, Etc, you'll probably get quite a noise from this Ui. And also, bear in mind there is no Google Play Store access here.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet App Store

You're using Amazon's app store instead. Thankfully, this is very well stocked because it's been going for years and years. So, for instance, you've got all of the major media streaming apps on here, like Viplayer, Sky 4, or D, Disney Plus, Etc and plenty of stuff to keep the old Kitty Wings entertained as well. But yeah, you won't find any of Google's apps here, so no Gmail, Google Chrome, or Youtube. Boohoo! Instead, you'll have to use alternative options like the video for Youtube, which is fine; it Works in much the same way but doesn't look quite as pretty. And, of course, if you want to stay productive, you can always grab yourself the Fire Max 11 keyboard case, which will cost you an extra 90 quid on top of the tablet price Eep.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Keyboard & stylus

As you can see, this comes in two separate parts. This bit slaps onto the back end of the Firemax 11 and gives it a nice filthy finish, and this can actually be used to prop the tablet up like so., and then you've got the keyboard dock portion of it which snaps onto the bottom end of the tablet. And, of course, as always with Tech, there's immediately an update that needs still doing. And it's a standard keyboard dock that you find on various tablets. Because this is an 11-inch tab, it's a decent size. 

Those Chiclet keys are nicely spread and spaced. You've got limited travel when you bash those keys because it is quite a skinny dock, but it's okay. I could touch type on this thing with these, and I wouldn't bother with the hilariously weeny touchpad because you've got a touch screen anyway. Just bear in mind that this keyboard isn't backlit. So if you want to do some happy tapping in the dark, you need more time.

And Amazon also allows you to purchase a stylus pen for the Fireman 11. As you can see, this comes with the stylus itself. A battery doesn't have a built-in battery; you've got to slot that one in. You've also got a spare nib and a pincer tool to remove the tip and replace it with another. And if you plan on giving your kids this tablet to get them to shut up, you can set up a kid's profile.

Kids Mode

This gives them limited access to the apps that you want them to use. So thankfully, for instance, they can't just go on Amazon and spend 2 000 pounds on toys.

This Amazon tablet unsurprisingly has full built-in support for The Voice Assistant, who will not be named because otherwise, I'll set her off in everybody's homes.

Alexa & Show Mode

You can activate and deactivate her nicely and easily at any point just by dragging it down the notifications toolbar. As you can see, you've got the hands-free option right there.

Turn it off if you want a bit of privacy, Turn it on to turn the Fire Max 11 into a smart display. And because it's an 11-inch tablet, it works well as a smart display. Just slap it in your kitchen, bedroom, wherever, prop it up with that case, and then you can shout at it to turn on your lights, play some music, call your Aunt Dorothy while scrubbing your spuds, whatever your heart desires. It's a much cheaper alternative to Google's Pixel Tablet, which has a similar Vibe and will be hit in the Uk soon for 599 puns.

Now Amazon offers the Firemax 11 in a choice of two for over 64 gigs or 120 eight gigs depending on how much media and how many apps and everything you will be downloading. Of course, you can expand that storage user name, micro, and Sd memory card, and Amazon will very kindly point you in the right direction of memory cards on the Amazon website. And one of the Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet highlights is undoubted that 11-inch IPS panel.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Display & audio

The visuals on this Almighty screen are super crisp. Thanks to 2000 by 1200 pixel resolution, it's very well-suited. They're kicking back with a nice bit of cinematic fare, and while it's not Oled Tech, thankfully, the contrast is reasonably good. Blacks don't just look murky. Grey colours are also pretty poppy, so it'll suit the whole family for just watching some shows and movies. Whatever. Those viewing angles are decent if a couple of heads want to cram together to watch something, but on the maximum brightness, you will need help to see what's going on Outdoors. If it is sunny, it is fine for use in cars and the like, but you'll want to seek out some shade if you're properly in the sun.

You've also got yourself a pair of stereo speakers, which can get pretty loud when you boost them right up, certainly to the point where they'll annoy you if your kid's blasted Peppa Pig on top volume. My Clarity stays good, even on that top volumes. And certainly, if you want something to watch a bit of Netflix, Youtube, or whatever while you're in the kitchen noisily making dinner, this will do the job now.

Sadly, there's no headphone jack here on the Amazon Fire Max 11, which seems like a bit of a strange Omission, but you do have Bluetooth 5.3 streaming support, so you can slap a pair of wireless headphones if you're trying to get a bit of privacy. Bit of peace.

Now if you like to use your tablet to do a bit of Skype and zoom in with the family, you've got an 8-megapixel front face and a camera right here that is just above the screen when the tablet is in landscape mods, as well as a pair of mics slapped either side of that Usbc Port.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Camera

This camera can capture your mug in full Hd resolution, so nice and crisp, and it can deal with tricky contrast if you have to be sat in front of a window. Those mics do a good job of picking up your voice, family, and as well, although if the environment is quite noisy, you do get drowned out a little bit.

And Amazon has also slapped on an 8-megapixel rear camera, which is a shame because people who use tablets to shoot photos and videos are just plain wrong. And the Firemax 11 is powered by a MediaTek chipset, the Mtk 8188 J, to be precise.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet Performance & battery life

And so far, my time of the tab. I'm pretty happy with that performance. Everything feels smooth here on this tab. The occasional little weed judder here and there, but nothing major, and you can play it Simple games here on the Firemax 11, but this tablet is best suited. It's a simple, point-and-quick-style adventure game and puzzle game.

As for the battery life on this Amazon tablet, well, it's nothing short of excellent. You'll easily get a full long day of use out of a single charge. We're talking easily 10 plus hours of mixed-use, over a dozen hours if you're streaming in the video. It's ideal for keeping your kids quiet on those long ass road trips. However, it does also take over four hours to recharge when it is drained fully. So you're going to want to plug it in overnight. Really. So that right there, in a lovely Wii nutshell, is Amazon's fresh new Fire Max 11 tablet.


And certainly, if you want a tablet with a big screen for kicking back with some movies or shows or whatever and you want something with the flexibility of that keyboard dock so you can smash out some emails or s's on the go, Well, all good. Of course, it isn't cheap compared with some of the other Amazon Fire tablets out there, and if you're not fully stuck into that Amazon ecosystem, you're probably not going to get the most out of this tab.


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