iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 256GB 2023

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in USA - Today I will share with you iPhone 14 Pro Max price. But before buying a mobile phone, check the price carefully. Because the cost of mobile phone increases and decreases. And try to buy the mobile from the official showroom or website.

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iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 256GB 2023

iphone 14 Pro Max Design

And if you've been thinking of hitting that gym to turn up those biceps, why not throw that money at Apple instead? Because the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a proper pocket-sized workout. This brick is almost as thick, chunky, and heavy as Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is a crunched-up tablet. It unsurprisingly looks like every massive iPhone of the past several generations, with a premium Metal finish that is thankfully Hardy as hell. 

Nine full months have been chucked into backpacks and wedged into Pockets with other smartphones, and all kinds of crap haven't left an impression on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. That awesome is still looking box fresh. However, the Sims sadly can't be said for the screen. This has picked up several Nicks and scratches, some distressingly deep. Cs must slap a screen protector on that thing as soon as you get it. After all, this thing is costly. But yeah, the back end looks as smart as ever, with a matte finish that keeps it from getting all greasy.

Although the stainless steel edger does require constant buffing, and I'm still a big fan of this deep purple model, it's a lovely wee spritzer color without being too in your face.

Sadly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max does. Doesn't feel nice to hold or use, even compared with the most unwieldy Android smartphones. It's incredibly wide and unbelievably chunky, and those flat edges certainly only fit the grooves of your hand if you've got hands like the Bigfoot above. Now, the iPhone Mini. Now that smartphone felt pretty nice to clutch a good hand feel. And what did Apple do? They took it out behind the Bond and blew its brains out.

But anyway, enough of all that, let's have a gander at Ios 16, which hasn't changed much since the first time I reviewed this Almighty Blower.

iphone 14 Pro Max iOS 16 & features

Updates have been regular enough but mostly focused on fixing security flaws, of which they've been slightly unnerving in 2023, despite Apple's insistence that Ios is super secure and safe because iPhones are like a cuddly Care Bear, right? Whereas Androids are like Five Nights at Freddy's Fest, ready to Slit your throat as soon as you make one tiny slip up.

 Apple is fixing the problems promptly, which is a very good thing. I still like that improved lock screen, even if you are limited on which widgets you can add. While the different modes are as good as Samsung's one Ui setup for quickly switching between home and work Vibes, I'm sorry this here Dynamic Island Shenanigans, which had Apple's Circle Jerk Crews staffing into their Kill Juice smoothies, there's still little more than a glitzy gimmick. It's like Microsoft slapped in a fancy top hat on Clippy. You can try and Glam the thing up all you want, but it's still a bloody annoying eyesore that gets right in your face when you don't want it to exist.

And don't get me wrong; it's only partially useless. It can pop up some pretty good media controls whenever you're playing a podcast or music. But long pressing on that Dynamic Island is no quicker than just yanking down the control center. Most Devs do not know what to do with it because many apps have minimal support, and I'm yet to see it solve any problems. But it could be one of those things that will be awesome in a couple of generations.

Let's see, this obnoxious flutter is no better than the notch of yesterday. I wish Apple would thicken that top bezel like Sony's Xperia one or at least budge the floater into a corner so it's less intrusive. But here, on the flip side, because of that enormous selfie cam setup, Face Id is still one of the best facial recognition jobbies out there, undaunted by Shades or face masks all night, just as well because there's no fingerprint sensor slapped anywhere on that Hefty frame.

My overall Vibe with Ios 16 these past few months is it's a lot more palatable than it used to be, that's for damn sure. Similar to Xiaomi's Miui, it's evolving over time and just yanking features from other Android devices. There's still plenty in here that annoys the piss out of me. Like the lack of consistent gesture support, notifications are still balls, and any background downloading is guaranteed to fall on its ass. But, of course, like pretty much everything in this life, it's entirely subjective. Some people love the tits off of Ios and think that Android is an unwieldy Beast, each to their own.

As for the 128 gigs of storage, that's surprisingly filled up within a fortnight. There's no memory card expansion here, and my iCloud storage that's been overflown for years. Apple is Keen to remind me every 37 seconds roughly, so I've had to learn how to manage my downloads carefully and regularly back up my photos and videos.

iphone 14 Pro Max Display & audio

So you like to watch shows and films and stuff like that? Apple has stuck with the same 6.7-inch Super Retina Xdr Display as the 2021 model, and it is still a surprise, so absolutely no worries there. Those visuals are sharp as a garage wire with Hdr 10, and Dolby Vision support chucked in. Beaten the likes of Samsung's Mega-sized flagships on the Max style brightness. I don't have to squint too hard even in full-on sunshine, and the display is easy on the Peepers in Darker environments too. And yes, that refresh rate skills from one Hertz up to 120 hertz or supported apps.

Look, I had some screen responsiveness issues when I first reviewed the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just tap on tiny little links and websites. Things like that were often awkward and sometimes took a few goals. Thankfully, this issue has been rectified in one of Apple's many updates, so I've had bugger-all problems with that the past few months. Unfortunately, there's no way of fixing that obnoxious floor, too. With apps like Youtube, Netflix, and anything that fills the screen, this gets in the Ruddy wheel. Thankfully, it is less of a bollock when you're gaming, though, as your thumb does tend to obscure it, so that's a small victory.

I guess Apple's stereo speaker setup is an absolute cracker, as you would expect from such a massive device, pumping out some very loud, very clear audio ideal for watching stuff even while your Offspring or systematically and noisily destroying your entire household and Bluetooth streaming has been behaving itself here on the iPhone 14 Pro Max as well. Even without the Snapdragon sound lossless streaming, I've been enjoying listening to music beamed from my iPhone to my wireless headphones sounds pretty damn Lush to my knackered old lugs. I've got subtle complaints about the performance, either.

iphone 14 Pro Max Performance & Gaming

Apple's A16 Bionic is still an absolute Powerhouse, even if Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 boasts a more powerful GPU and more impressive Vi integration. No matter how many apps I've taken over in the background, I rarely see any judder or slowdown on the 14 Pro Max. and even when I'm blasting my way through Gentian impact on the maxed-out graphic settings at 120 frames per second, everything stays buttery, creamy smooth. The iPhone's back end can get a bit touristy around the camera chassis area after 15 to 20 minutes of sweaty grippy bash in action, but it doesn't impact the performance.

Unfortunately, there is still no dedicated game and toolbar here, just a game and mode that can block notifications from disturbing you. Here's open a proper gaming menu as a belated inclusion in Ios 17 or 18. But the true strength of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is that battery life, which is a freaking nut.

iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 256GB 2023

iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA $1,199.

iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 128GB  $1099.

iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 256GB $1199.

iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 512GB $1399.

iphone 14 Pro Max Price in USA 1TB $1599

iphone 14 Pro Max Battery life

That's good enough to last you all day, even with endless camera player movie streaming. Step sibling porn. Did I see step-sibling porn? I meant not that this Mighty Slab is just as good in the longevity Stakes as Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra and better than most other premium smartphones I've reviewed recently. And yes, I know that my recent memory is severely restricted by the sheer volume of alcohol that I poured on my throat, but it's still really bloody good. Ensures no sign-up worse than after all these months either. Unfortunately, when it comes to recharging speeds, it's about as effective as the Pixel 7. And then it is slow as balls. You're going to want to charge the iPhone up overnight. You also have wireless charging support if you can't be asked with any of those cable bollocks.

iphone 14 Pro Max Camera

And last up, the iPhone 14 Pro Max serves up a 48 Meg primary camera sensor, which may seem rather meager compared with the many 200 Meg Rivals out there right now, but as well, bigger numbers do not always mean better performance.

The iPhone 4 14 Pro Max generally cops just as well with outdoor Hdr situations. Like the best Android smartphones, lighter areas aren't whitewashed, while darker regions are brightened for Clear visibility. And yeah, this kills some of the atmospheres, but it does mean you get plenty of detail packed into your picks. Although The Balancing Act only sometimes works as intended, I have seen quite a lot of flaring in bright light annoyingly, which seemed like it could have been more obvious in my first couple of months with this phone, mostly because it's released in winter. 

As for the color reproduction, while Apple seems to be drinking from the same Watering Hole as Samsung Boost and Tones, so they pop rather than staffing out more natural-looking picks, it's certainly a crowd-pleasing effect, and I did enjoy the Vivid Hues on some of my test photos.

When it comes to Glorious Landscapes and also attractive portraits, that is where the iPhone truly shines. Sadly, More ambient photos aren't too hot, colors suddenly aren't as bright and bold, and some of my indoor snaps suffer from severe noise and artifacts, which is a big and nasty surprise from a premium price device like this. You will get reasonably bright results in low light if you employ the dedicated night modes, although any light sources get blown out as usual. It's a shame that these situations of tricky contrast could be handled better than the reverse numbers.

The Pro Max also packs a simple 12 Meg Ultra wide angle lens, which comes in handy when dealing with those sweeping Vistas, and a 12 Meg telephoto lens, which takes over when you zoom in beyond the three times level. The good news is tons are consistent across all three of Apple's sensors, so you don't get photos that look like they were taken with a completely different device. 

Unfortunately, the 15 Times Zoom is inferior to many flagships, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Xiaomi 13 Pro, etc. And even at the 15 times level here, your picks will look blocky, but it is certainly good enough for sneaking closer to your subject without getting all up in their face.

However, the iPhone 14 Pro Max does Excel for video, even without an 8K option. My Ultraage Hd footage looks marvelous as long as Lightning isn't too ropey. With a 60 Fps cap, you can happily cycle between all three lenses as you shoot, and Apple's image stabilization is fantastic, so no worries whatsoever if you want to move around.

As you are recording, the audio capture is Crystal Clear, even in quite challenging conditions, unperturbed by strong winds and other potential hurdles. So if you want something to shoot a short video load, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is right up there with Samsung's Galaxy S23 blowers. And just like the Pixel 7 series of smartphones, you don't get many bonus camera mods chucked on here. It's pretty Bare Bones, but it's got all the essential stuff. You do not get a dedicated Pro mode of any description, though. You must look at an alternative Android effort if you want something like that.

And meanwhile, that selfie cam is a 12 Meg shooter that does a good job most times of day, capturing all of those lovely sags and wrinkles and blotchy bits with slightly boosted tones. This front facer struggles in low light again but can handle strong backlight without absolutely wrecking its why, fronts and that right there.


My Lovelies is my nine-month review of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max. As you can see, a small amount has stayed the same in the previous almost a year with this Hefty slab. But what has changed in the past nine months is the emergence of several super strong Rivals like Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra and Xiaomi's flagships, as well as more affordable premium devices like the Oneplus 11. 

And, of course, that Pixel 7 Pro, regarding the battery life and recording video, The iPhone 14 Pro Max is up there with the best out there. However, the S23 Ultra is snapping at its heels on both counts and comes with the S Pen. Convenience can shoot better Stills across various conditions, and it's a more delicious design. That's what I think.

 Anyway, be gritty with your thoughts Down Below. Have you used the iPhone 14 Pro Max for any other iPhone 14 series? Blows as your full-time handset?


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