Poco F5 Pro Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

Poco F5 Pro Price in the USA - Review & Specs 2023 -  So the Poco F5 Pro is finally here, and I've had my Sims slapped inside this remarkable mid-ranger. I Tested it out for just over a week. The Poco F5 Pro is a solid choice for anyone after a good premium-style blower which also happens to have spunked all of their savings by accidentally buying around in any London pub. So here's my full review and more on the latest and greatest Tech. 

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Poco F5 Pro Price in USA - Review & Specs 2023

What's in the Box?

There we go. So what do you get inside the Box? Well, you've got yourself one Poco F5 Pro, a 67-watt fast charger which thankfully isn't an absolute brick, uh, type C, USB cable and rejoices. Rejoice because Poco has also bundled in a condom case to keep your F5 Pro nice and safe. I've been using something other than that because I've been wanting to test how Hardy this phone is. And there you have it. That's everything you get chucked in the Box with the Poco F5 Pro. So now it's checked out the phone. So let us begin with the design of the Poco F5.

Poco F5 Pro Design

Pro, and this is probably the phone element I like the least. From the front, it looks like many other mid-range smartphones, with reasonably chunky-ish bezels surrounding that display, but certainly not to a horrific degree. It is a completely flat display coated in Gorilla Glass 5, and a pocket was chucked in a pre-installed screen protector, so it's better protected than most members of the royal family.

The Poco F5 Pro Sports a pleasantly curvy finish as well. You've got rounded edges and corners, and flip it around, and it is your standard plastic Poco rear end. It's not completely plain; you have a patterned Edge down both sides to add some style. The locks do let it down a bit.

The Poco F5 Pro resembles a 200-pound budget phone, only available in black or white. No bright poppy crazy colors to choose from nor luminous yellow options this time around, for instance. A glossy surface is an absolute glutton for greasy fingerprint action. 

So while the design is somewhat flawed, the Poco F5 Pro certainly doesn't get the old heart pumping. Not the most thrilling or exciting of plans, that's for sure. Although it is at least Ip53 Splash resistant, which is particularly handy as the Uk appears to have ended its 10 years of endless rain periods and after a week or so of being banged about the back end of the Poco X5 Pro, it has a couple of little wee Nicks on it, but nothing too horrendous. As for the software, was that pocket slapped on this thing?

Poco F5 Pro MiUI & features

Well, certainly, Xiaomi and Poco fans should not be surprised in the slightest. Thankfully, it's the latest, freshest Android 13, and slapped on top of that. As usual, you've got the Miui 14 launcher or Miui 14 for Poco as it's turned. Not that that makes much difference at all these days. And yeah, many people still dislike Me Ui, but it resembles stock Android in many ways. 

Now you've got the apps tree, you can drag down that notifications bar from anywhere, but you've got bonuses like the control center, which are excellent additions and loads of other great bonus features chucked on top of Android, like the video toolbox, which I mostly really like because it gives you a Youtube premium feature, being able to play videos with the screen, hibernating, and that pretty Ruddy, lovely Miui gaming mode, which is busting with brilliant tools and features.

It could be better news, though; for instance, with Me Ui, you tend to get less software support than you will from a Nokia, Oneplus, or a Google or Samsung smartphone. The deal with the Poco F5 Pro is two years of Android Os updates and three years of security updates, which is not bad, but not as good as it could be. And the Poco F5 Pro also comes stacked to the tits with my dreaded Nemesis. 

Crapware. So many apps come pre-installed on this thing that you do not want. You have to spend bloody ages getting rid of it all. Like so: Facebook, Linkedin, Aliexpress, Yada, Yada, and oh yes, Tile Fun as well. Will you never die? I swear it's like Michael Piss and Myers you eradicated from one phone and the next pocket. Or show me, and you get Boom Town fun in your face again.

I have also experienced a few bugs in my week with the Poco F5 Pro. It's understandable because it's still early software. This phone hasn't officially launched when I'm shooting this video. That said, a couple of these bugs have been a good ass. So, for instance, sometimes I'll try and stream a bit of Disney Plus or Netflix, and the Poco F5 Pro will enter an eternal state of buffering, which is joyous. And I've got a couple of other Wii gripes, which I'll bang on about later with the security.

No real surprises here. You've got a split Optical fingerprint sensor, and it's absolutely fine. I've got no complaints about this. It doesn't work if your fingers are wet or you've just consumed an entire KFC bargain bucket, and you're all greasy. But apart from that, all good. And you don't have face unlock as a backup option too.

You've also got yourself a dual-sided Sim No, that was good. You've also got yourself a dual-sided Sim Trace. You can slap two Sim cards in there simultaneously.

Laws: No space for micro Sd memory cards, though, as you can see, and both symmetries support 5G. However, surprisingly, I struggled to get decent reception on the Poco F5 Pro. Even here at home, I usually get full 5G. No worries, but I've sometimes had to wander around my house to get a text message to come through. Hopefully, this weird pre-release bug will be resolved in an update. And now let's check out Paco's gorgeous 6.67-inch AMOLED display.

Poco F5 Pro Price in USA

Poco F5 Pro Price in USA 12GB RAM +512GB storage costs $549.

Poco F5 Pro Display & audio

This is one of the highlights of this Smartphone. An absolute beauty that wouldn't be out of place on the most premium Flagship Android smartphones out there right now. Because it's AMOLED Tech, you get nice crisp contrast and natural-looking colors, or you can make them super poppy if you'd prefer. It's got a full Dolby Vision stream and support and an impressive Quad Hd Plus panel. It's a 3200 by 1440 pixel resolution, so whether you're checking back your photos, you're watching a movie. Every frame is packed with fine detail. Visibility? Not an issue either.

 This thing maxes out at 1400 nits, so certainly, Outdoors, it can counter any glare; viewing angles are perfect and everything. And the selfie cam? Only a tiny wheat orifice up there barely intrudes on the action.

The Poco F5 Pro also maxes out at 120 Hertz refresh. You can have it automatically scale between 60 and 120 or manually set it yourself. It's not Ltp or Tech or anything, so it can't skill down to like someone Hertz to preserve battery life.

And, of course, like most of the Mid-rangers out there these days, you've got a stereo speaker set up on the Poco F5 Pro. Let's check it out. Max out that volume now! As much as I adore my steam deck, I don't find a ticket on that many trips with me because, I mean, look at it. It's roughly the same size as my car. It'd be almost as easy to take my desktop brick with me. 

So when you pump up that volume to the maximum levels, it's not the loudest smartphone stereo experience I've ever heard. Still, it's just about powerful enough to listen to what's going on if you are kicking back with a bit of Youtube in a noisy kitchen, for instance. I leaned in to hear what was happening, but the quality stayed good. It's not too titty when you max it out, and that audio is reasonably well-balanced between the left and right channels. And you've also got full Dolby Ammo support with the usual graphic equalizer, plenty of presets, Etc.

However, as it is becoming increasingly common, bugger all headphone jack on the Poco F5 Pro, and you've got Bluetooth 5.3 support for all your wireless streamer needs.

But here, I did experience another bug in my first few days for the Pocket F5 Pro. Every time I popped my buds and ears and started playing some music instead of being serenaded, I had a bunch of angry electronic static staffed rides in my lug holes which were highly enjoyable. Thankfully, I managed to run a Bluetooth update and touch Woods. Since then, it's been absolutely fine and full support for all the usual Codex, including a bit of Lhtc action. So now, performance is another highlight of the Poco F5 Pro, which has Qualcomm's Almighty Snapdragon 8 plus Gen 1 chipset stuffed inside.

Poco F5 Pro Performance & gaming

This was launched part way through mid-2022 and proved a lot less finger stingy than the regular Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It was rammed inside of all kinds of great Flagship Smartphones at the R Center last year, and it's fantastic to see it in a mid-ranger like the Poco F5 Pro. 

They're pretty respectable geek pension scores. I've certainly got no complaints about the everyday performance. Everything's nice and fluid, helped Along with that 120 Hertz display. And certainly, if you're gaming on the likes of Genshin, Impact, and other memory-guzzling Android titles, you can expect a creamy, smooth frame rate even when you ramp up those detail settings to the maximum levels.

I got a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of Ram; mine is the 12 Giga, although the 8 gig version should also run smoothly.

That flat display is Perfectly responsive. The visual is stunning, of course, and you've got the liquid Cool Tech packed inside of the Poco F5 Pro, including a whopping great massive Vapor chamber. So while the phone gets a little bit warm over time, you can be gaming for an hour or two hours, however long you like, and you won't see any throttling. And yes, you also have the MIUI above gaming mode, which can perform a bit of a boost if needed.

Can block notifications and change your voice if you're into all that. Using this, I can change my voice to sound like an actual man. Using this, I can change my voice when I sound like a real man, albeit a man who's probably on all kinds of police lists.

As for the battery life, Well, the Poco F5 Pro Sports a 5160 milliamp hour capacity cell.

Poco F5 Pro Battery life

Combined with the Snapdragon 8 plus Gen 1, that is generally a winning formula. This past week, I haven't run out of juice once before. I've been tucked up with Teddy in bed, with around five to six hours of screen on time, plus lots of audio streaming in the background. That said, I tend to end more stairs with only around 10 to 20 battery life remaining, so there is a small safety cushion there that could improve. 

Of course, if I continue to use the Poco F5 Pro for another week or two, sometimes the battery takes some time to settle. Luckily, it does charge a pretty bloody nipply as well if you find yourself in Dire Straits 67-watt wide charging, so I set it in the mornings rather than sticking a cable in it all night. And you've also got 30-watt wireless charging on the Paco F5 Pro, which is rare for a mid-range I saw. Great to see. Of course, the camera Tech is one area where these mid-range Poco forms are hit-and-miss.

Poco F5 Pro Camera

So what you got here on the pocket: F5 Pro is a 64-megapixel main shooter with Optical image stabilization backed by basic 8-megapixel Ultra wide angle and 2-megapixel macro Shooters. It's once again Xiaomi's standard camera apps, or no surprises here. You've got the Ei mode, which you can activate at any point to analyze your subject and tweak the settings to suit. So here it's recognized I'm shooting a human or Almost Human subject. The lovely Veronica no focus is fast to act, and you've got the likes of eye track and support as well.

The Poco F5 Pro doesn't quite hit those pixel Highs at any time of day. It can produce crispy shots with only a little care and attention, complete with bold, bombastic colors. Besides a bit of clear lens, Flareon in Bright Lights, my dear picks, tended to be balanced and rarely over-saturated and edited. The Hdr chops are respectable, while Poco's portrait mode offers some rather dashing bokeh-style action. The shutter speed is nice and nippy, too, so there are no worries about snapping live and breathing subjects even with the portrait mode active. 

Unless that is, the lighting is on the soft side, in which case you might get some blur if your timing is pants. That night mode can pump out a well-exposed shot, though, as long as you're subject and your hands are perfectly still. Even with Optical image stabilization on board, it is easy to get blurry results. As I mentioned before, we also have a pointless macro mode if you want it.

And you've also got an ultra wide-angle shooter, which is pretty bog standard, but it does the job if you want a slightly more dramatic angle or to fit more into the frame. Plenty of other bonus boards and the portrait above and night modes exist. You can capture images at full 64-megapixel resolution as well. Quite handy if you want to crop into a shot. And if you know your way around a camera and all the various settings, you also have a full-on pro mode. There's no real option here, but you can shoot at the full 64 megapixels again, and you've got all the other usual settings if you want to shoot a bit of real movie action.

The good news is the Poco F5 Pro does support a kit resolution at 24 FPS. Otherwise, you can bump it down to 4K res and shoot at 30 or 60 Fps. Even at 8K levels, the footage is smooth when panning the camera or carefully moving around. However, for most of my testing, I kept the Poco F5 Pro at 4K level, and I was happy with what I saw and heard. Those visuals are sharp, and again, you get bold colors as long as the lighting isn't too crap and audio is perfectly captured from all directions with a clear stereo effect, so your whole movie will sound as good as they look.

And lastly, the Poco F5 Pro is a 16-megapixel selfie shooter if you're into your installation or whatever else kids might do. And this seems perfectly fine. Capable enough whether you're shooting against a bright background or if you're in more ambient conditions, you've got the usual screen flash feature that's utterly blind. And, of course, no kit option with the front-facing selfie cam. Of course, no 4K option either. Does top off at full Hd at 30 or 60 frames per second. 

It could better keep you looking reasonably crisp on those video chats, though. They'll have a few minor issues with the mic picking up my voice when I straight a little bit further away from the phone during a Zoom call. But apart from that, all seems fine. And that right there, in a nutshell, is what I reckon of the Poco F5 Pro. after using it as my full-time Smartphone for about a week.


I like it. The specs are fantastic at this sort of mid-range price point. The performance is brilliant, the battery life is a little bit better, and I'm not exactly a massive fan of that design; as you can tell does feel a bit plasticky and cheap, which is a simple shim. But certainly, if you're after a premium media viewing experience, premium gaming, and all that good stuff at a more affordable asking price, this will do the job anyway.

I will be shooting a full-size side-by-side with the Poco F5 Pro and the regular Poco F5 so you can see the difference between the two and which one might be best for you. 


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